Most people have no idea how drastically essential oils can change their lives.

The benefits go far beyond scented diffusers and home remedies you see on the web.

In my opinion, the most powerful and overlooked perk of using Young Living Essential Oils in both your home and personal care is emotional balancing. It’s life changing. Add to that the fact that these products can be therapeutic for every single system in your body, and – for me – making the switch was a no-brainer.

It’s about more than just health, too. It’s about being a smart consumer – ethically, financially, and ecologically.

Before I go any further, I should introduce myself…

Because honestly, I could talk about how amazing the Young Living products are all day long. I’m Jennifer Scribner, and I started to become conscious of lifestyle and diet choices in an attempt to heal my acne when I was in my early 30’s. This lead me to taking a program in Nutritional Therapy, which I enjoyed so much I left the world of finance to pursue a career in nutrition and health care.

After earning my certification in Nutritional Therapy, I became one of the first couple hundred or so accredited GAPS practitioners in the United States. GAPS – an acronym for “Gut And Psychology Syndrome” is a therapeutic diet which helps people heal chronic conditions by addressing the health of their gut and digestive system. I ended up coaching a lot of sick people with extreme sensitivities. In order to heal from the inside out, I came to learn that they required more than just dietary adjustments; they needed a complete health approach.

Researching the toxicity of regular household products was alarming at first. I scoured over the ingredients of everything I was using in my house and on my body, as well as what I was recommending to my clients. It was time consuming, tedious, and quite stressful.

The ingredients of Young Living Essential Oils are beyond organic.

When I found Young Living Essential Oil products, it literally changed my life. I sat down with their catalog, researched all their ingredients, and realized that I had finally found a company with my best interests in mind. Not only are their products not toxic, but they are hugely beneficial in so many ways.

They employ a unique “seed to seal” process where their own farms and partner farms across the world harvest precious plants by hand, use their own oils instead of harmful chemicals to prevent pests, and stringently test each and every oil to ensure the presence of optimal bioactive natural compounds. Their standards are higher than I knew were even possible, so I was confident I had finally found one company that I could stand behind.

Who doesn’t want a discount on every single one of their household cleaning products?

After trying a membership myself, and falling in love with the wide range of Young Living offerings, I decided to start offering these amazing, discounted products to my clients. Becoming a “rep” was a win all around – for me, my clients, the environment, and even the communities where Young Living manufactures its products.

The beauty with Young Living – something I really loveis that you don’t need to be a sales rep in order to receive lifetime discounts on oils and products.

This meant that I didn’t have to be that person at a dinner party trying to “sign up” my friends and family in some weird pyramid thing. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of a membership whether or not they want to sell Young Living themselves.

Extensive Product Line

This is a brand that I trust, and my clients trust. We don’t have to think about it; we don’t have time for that. There is a line of household cleaners, essential oils for the diffuser, pet products, makeup products, personal care items, vitamins, and even a line of products safe and gentle enough for babies.
It’s so simple. You just put your order in, and you don’t have to run around looking for a suitable snack bar for the kids and stuff for your pet, or trying to find a laundry detergent at the local supermarket that’s not loaded with chemicals. It’s a one-stop-shop without having to navigate all the ingredient lists on Amazon Prime.

Place Your Order and Gain Access To Monthly Bonus
Trainings & Facebook Community

When you sign up to buy products from me, you’ll receive free monthly e-mail courses that I personally curate to make sure you get the most out of any products you purchase. We’ll cover issues around safety, sensitivities, what to do and when, and how to use all of the tools and products available to you through Young Living to best support your health, your mindset, and a clean and peaceful home.

I’ve also created an education group on Facebook that all of my customers get access to. The community factor is a huge plus; you connect with other people who are making similar shifts in their lives, and you get so much inspiration. My team shares info you can actually use, including sharing tips, asking questions, and participating in contests and special promos.

There is simply so much to know about these oils, and how you can use them. It took me awhile to figure this out, which is why I equip you with all of this knowledge right up front so you can start seeing benefits right away!

A summary of benefits you get from purchasing Young Living through me:

  • Access to an e-mail course I created specifically to cover all the questions you will have when you first start using Young Living Essential Oils
  • A private Facebook group complete with Q&A and monthly classes that will teach you different uses for your oils
  • A lifetime discount on oils and products…without ever having to sell a thing!
  • The time, energy, and health you’ll gain – not to mention the money you’ll save – from making the switch to getting all these products from one central resource
  • Access to all of my health-related resources, including courses, blog posts, updates, and new resources as they become available

How Do I Get Started?

Once people realize how much these products are a game-changer, this is the next question that inevitably follows. Fortunately, starting is simple, easy, and it smells really, really good.

The best way to start is by ordering a Premium Starter Kit. This affordable combination of products will work to immediately support your body, your mindset, and your non-toxic home. And the online course I mentioned above literally shows you how to use each and every product you get in this kit.

Signing up is simple, and only takes 5 minutes, so you can start saving time and money right away.

If you’re interested in purchasing products, and not interested in having a Young Living business of your own, you can click any of the links above to get started changing your family’s health for the long run.

If you’ve thought of – or are considering – becoming a distributor for Young Living (smart idea!), the following will fill you in signing up with me as a business builder.

How I Got Started In Young Living Business Building

Around 10% of customers decide to become business builders, and that’s a really smart move if it feels right…which it did for me. Not only could I help my customers take their health to the next level, I could also add a unique, passive income component to my business. Sounds great, right?

I’ll be honest…at first I was reluctant to sell a multi-level marketing product. There’s a stigma with MLM that I realized – after getting to know more about the company and the business model – was quite dated and ill-informed. I love being able to offer these products to people directly. It makes so much sense.

Truth is, after you get the starter kit, and you start falling in love Young Living, you may want to stand on the rooftops and tell all your friends about it. If you find yourself doing a lot of this, then it would likely benefit you to become a business builder. Why not make money off of the work you’re already doing?

I’ve successfully run a Young Living business now for over four years. If you sign up to become a business builder through me, I will help you utilize your resources so you’re getting the most out of your time and energy, and not letting any opportunities go to waste. I’ll also help you identify your unique strengths to maximize your business growth.

Why start from scratch on your own when it costs you nothing to have someone who’s already successful guiding you through?

The business model for Young Living is ethical, transparent, and geared towards growth for all parties, which I love. It’s not a “person at the top reaping all the benefits” situation… we work together to help each other succeed.

Business Model & Perks

If you become a business builder with my Young Living team, you will make a commission off of your sales, and if you bring on clients who also want to grow a business, this will benefit you as well. It’s all very simple.

The tools I offer to my business builders will help to mitigate that scattered feeling of starting something new, and also provide support specific to your needs. I’ve made it super clear exactly where to look for what, and how to navigate every aspect of the business.

Benefits you’ll receive from signing up with me as a business builder:

  • Access to a resource center which includes online business courses, shareable media to help you with marketing, and pre-made classes to teach
  • 1-on-1 and team video training and email support
  • A community of like-minded individuals who are all invested in health and personal growth
  • One central point of reference that is accessible whenever you need, which helps to eliminate overwhelm and gives you a really clear road map to building a successful business, from seed to… deal. 😉

You’re automatically qualified to be a Business Builder when you place your order for your Premium Starter Kit. Click below to be lead to the instructions on how to sign up for Young Living and place your first order.

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