One-on-One Consultations


An Initial Consultation is designed to help me understand what you, or your child, have been experiencing, and how you want to feel. That allows me to see the bigger picture of what might be influencing your health and to develop a targeted plan that we’ll break down into manageable steps.  

When you schedule an appointment I’ll e-mail you a private online health history and lifestyle form to complete before we meet. I’d like to know about your current symptoms and what you’ve tried so far, medical and dental history, any medications or supplements you take, as well as the role that movement and stress play in your life.

In follow-up sessions we’ll review what’s worked well, what you’re struggling with, and the next steps to take. I continue to dig deeper into different aspects of your lifestyle to find areas that we can refine, because I believe the majority of our health is created in our small daily habits.

We’ll meet online on a video call for each consultation. If your internet speed doesn’t support video calls, we can select an audio-only option.

Then I provide detailed notes and handouts after each session.


Jennifer Scribner, Young Living Essential Oils Distributer & Certified GAPS Diet Practitioner


   Initial Consultation, 1 hour – $155

   60-minute follow-up – $96

   30-minute follow-up – $58


Young Living Essential Oils & EFT Tapping

What My Clients Say

“You have been an integral part to my understanding of the GAPS diet, and you are fun to talk to! You know SO much!…You are so good at what you do!”

– Hannah


“He ate!!! He ate!!…12 bites later (big bites!!) I think he’s finally full! I totally cried!Thank you for helping us see a miracle!”

– Aimee


“This diet has been a godsend.”

– Heidi


“At each session we focused on one topic and when I left I went straight to the grocery store to get what we talked about. Gradual change was incredibly helpful to me.”

– Kimberly


“Jennifer gave me peace of mind on the GAPS Diet by telling me how to get started so I could walk through the process and didn’t have to think about it.”

– Vetta


“I love that you’re so personable every time we talk. You are always up to date on my chart. I love your e-mail re-caps of what we talked about in each session, and that you’re so organized. I learned something new in every call.”

– Lori


“The only thing that would have been more helpful was to have worked with you from the very beginning of the GAPS Diet.”

– Erik

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