Do the GAPS Diet before your kids? What? Am I crazy for suggesting such a thing?

Here’s the thing….Every day you’re tired when you get out of bed in the morning. You feel bloated after you eat your favorite foods, and trips to the bathroom are…irregular.

But like all moms, you love your kid more than yourself and you want them to have the happy eczema-food-allergy-immune-challenge-autism-FREE life that every kid deserves. That’s why you’re thinking about the GAPS Diet.

Well, I’m going to ask you to hold on a second.

One of the best tips I have for parents who want to start the GAPS Diet for themselves, and their kids, is to begin the diet by yourself first.

You know how on an airplane you’re supposed to put on your air mask before you help your child? You starting GAPS before them is just like that. You’ll be better able to help your kids, if you help yourself first.

Here are a Few Simple Reasons You Should Do the GAPS Diet before Your Kids:

Reason 1: You’ll get through your initial crummy-feeling-time while everyone else is still “normal.”

You’re probably already aware that the first 3 days, to one week, of GAPS is a time that people don’t feel so hot. I call it a healing reaction, sometimes it’s referred to as die-off or detox symptoms. Whatever you want to call it, you’re likely to feel under the weather, fatigued, and some combination of hungry and angry that I call “hangry.” It’ll be extra-stressful to have your whole family feeling like that at the same time and complaining to you – the evil person who’s torturing them by denying them their God-given right to eat chips.

Reason 2: You’ll get the hang of the cooking and feel more confident about it.

As a grown up, you’re more forgiving if the cooking takes longer than expected, or if things don’t taste just as you planned. With your kids, you might have a hard time getting them excited about the food, so you want it to be as good as it can from the beginning. If you follow the GAPS Diet for a while before you start with your kids, you’ll feel more confident about your repertoire of GAPS food options, and that will reduce your meal time stress.

Reason 3: Your energy will be better before you have to deal with your kids’ crummy-feeling-time.

Now that you’ve made it through those first couple of weeks, your thinking is clear, your digestive system feels better, and your energy is sustained. This gives you the stamina to wade through the tough times as you take your kids through the GAPS Intro Diet. Now it’s their turn to feel under the weather, fatigued, and “hangry.” You’ll have both the energy and the experience to see them through this tough time, and the understanding of what wonderful things lay on the other side for them.

When I suggest that you start the GAPS Diet before your kids, I don’t mean going through the entire two years all by yourself. Instead, I’m suggesting that you follow the GAPS Diet for 2 to 3 weeks before you start the rest of your family on it.

Following this plan, I can already picture the peaceful look on your face as you pull the lid off of that pot of steaming chicken soup and ladle it out for your kids to start their own healing journey.


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