While there’s never a “perfect” time to start the GAPS Diet™, some are better than others. A GAPS Diet Christmas may not be ideal, but starting the day after Christmas might just work out great in some situations.

If you’re traveling during Christmas and the New Year, or if you work at one of those companies that are slammed with work at the very end of the year, this is NOT a good time to begin GAPS. The best times to begin are when you have some space in your life to prepare and to begin with the ability to make it your top priority.

After Christmas might just be the best time for you to begin the GAPS Diet if either of these situations apply.

Situation #1: You’re starting GAPS with your kids and they’re on vacation from school.

If you’re thinking about beginning the GAPS Diet with your kids it’s much easier to start when they’re on a break from school. The first week is the toughest because they might refuse to eat for a few days as you break their sugar addiction. Or they might be unfocused, lethargic, whiny, or feel a little under the weather. These are super-common situations and it’s a lot easier for your kids to cope when they’re home with movies and toys they enjoy and away from the snacks they might be tempted by at school. The other nice thing about beginning after the holiday is that you don’t have to restrict your kids from their favorite aunt’s Christmas cookies.

Situation #2: You have the type of work that’s low-key after Christmas.

In most industries the time after Christmas is pretty slow and quiet. You might even have saved all your vacation for the end of the year. This can be a really ideal time to begin the GAPS Diet, not just because you have fewer obligations, but because going in to the New Year so many people resolve to make new habits for better health. Your coworkers probably aren’t going to be starting the GAPS Intro, but they very likely will try to lose weight, go gluten-free, or take up a new fitness regimen. This can make starting your new diet a lot easier because people are very understanding and supportive of people making positive health changes in the New Year. Of course, it’s also wonderful to start GAPS in the midst of winter because eating soups, stews, and other warm foods is very comforting and feels natural to our bodies. Don’t worry that you might not follow GAPS on New Year’s Eve. It’s one day. Have a glass of champagne and go back to where you left off with GAPS on January 1st.

If you’re getting started on GAPS and have lots of questions like this, join my upcoming online GAPS Diet Class and get them answered while you learn the cooking too!


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