There are some things you just can’t find locally

Every time you ask yourself “where can I buy it?” the answer’s in here  

  • Gut so sensitive that you’re afraid to try new foods?
  • Not ready for a whole new diet, but it’d be easy to swap foods one at a time?
  • Love to buy a little grassfed beef, but you don’t need a whole cow?
  • Your gut is happy after graduating from a special diet, and you want to make sure it stays that way.
  • Maybe you’re reading labels, and still not finding what you want.
  • You’re bored or busy and could use fresh ideas for seasonings, fermented foods, or crackers.

I found myself seeking out the highest quality farms and companies using traditional food preparation methods like I do at home, who are able to ship their products throughout the US.

The list that I began for myself and my Nutritional Therapy clients soon ballooned into dozens of companies with different offerings.

The Where Can I Buy It? guide was born, and I’m excited to share it with you!

Every time you ask yourself “where can I buy it?” the answer’s in here.

This 38-page PDF ebook will save you hours of internet research!

Where Can I Buy It? includes sources for:

  • Grass fed meat, including corn & soy-free, with kosher and halal options

  • Wild caught seafood

  • Meat stock and bone broth

  • Smoked salmon and traditionally cured meats

  • Pastured animal fats, including ghee and butter

  • Eggs

  • Sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, and other fermented veggies

  • Fermented veggie brines and beet kvass

  • Kombucha and fermented coconut water

  • Fermented garlic, olives, hot sauce, and ketchup

  • Raw milk, cream, and ice cream

  • Yogurt, kefir, sour cream, crème fraiche, buttermilk, whey

  • Raw cheeses, cottage cheese, and cream cheese

  • Sourdough breads, pasta, crackers, and chips

  • Tortillas and pizza crusts

  • Canned beans and tomatoes

  • Sprouted grains, beans, and flours

  • Olive oil and several types of vinegars

  • Sauces and curry pastes

  • Salts, spices, and seasonings

  • Sprouted and crispy nuts and seeds and their butters

  • Fresh-pressed juice

  • Coconut milk

  • Honey and maple syrup

  • Chocolate and other sweet treats

  • Plus, local sourcing tips throughout, and my guidelines for vetting meat, fish, eggs, and dairy providers

While locally raised foods are ideal, they aren’t always available.

While homemade foods are ideal, they often aren’t practical to make when you’re busy working or caretaking, or are fatigued due to a health issue.

The Where Can I Buy It? eBook was created to save you time – however you choose to eat real foods.

It’s THE handiest resource for finding the highest quality gut-friendly foods.

NOTE: This guide covers the USA only, and some companies will not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

This is a digital download and all sales are final. No refunds will be given.

“An invaluable and incredible resource for GAPS people and anyone concerned about their health! The food industry is fraught with tricky terms. One has to be a detective to sort through the misleading advertising, and sourcing, to find high quality foods. This diligently researched guide is a true gift, and will save you hours of sorting through the myriad of options out there.”


“I’ve found that I can eat nuts again now that I know where to buy delicious sprouted nut butter. So much more digestible for me!”


“One step at a time – a way to make simple shifts in your everyday life that are more in tune with what your body needs and wants.”


It’d be easy to swap, if you knew where to find it.

Heading to the grocery store knowing they won’t have what you’re looking for is frustrating.

Where Can I Buy It? hands you a list of curated companies vetted by a gut-health specialist. All you have to do is purchase.

A convenient gut-friendly food advisor at your fingertips.

“I am really loving your new book “Where Can I Buy It?” It has already been really helpful in locating and purchasing some items and I am so grateful for this incredible resource which I know I will go back to many times! It’s also really awesome to have a cohesive list of what different animals we’re supposed to eat. Thank you for putting this all together!”

Emily W.

Where Can I Buy It? is an extensive and valuable resource for anyone living in compliance with the GAPS diet + lifestyle. This guide is a comprehensive compilation of high quality resources to help any individual execute the GAPS diet near or far.”


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