When you read the Stages of the GAPS™ Introduction Diet in the Gut & Psychology Syndrome book you might have felt like you missed something. I’ve had several clients ask me, “When can I eat butter on the GAPS Intro Diet?” It’s clear that the Full GAPS Diet has a dairy intro structure, but it isn’t laid out like that for the Intro Diet.

In Stage 1 Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride writes about adding well-fermented homemade whey, yogurt, or sour cream right from the beginning of the diet. Then in Stage 2, ghee, which is butter with the protein solids removed (leaving 100% butterfat), is introduced. Those are the only mentions of dairy for the entire GAPS Intro Diet.

Where I look for this answer is the Dairy Introduction Structure that Dr. Natasha talks about for people who’ve had an allergy to dairy products. In that section she says, “After ghee the first dairy product to add to the diet is butter. Butter is virtually pure milk fat and contains only very small amounts of whey, which at a certain stage in the diet the patients can usually handle.” She also advises to use only organic butter because non-organic butter contains a lot of pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.

For people who have a known dairy sensitivity I recommend waiting to introduce butter until you’re about 6 weeks into the Intro Diet. For everyone else, once you’ve tolerated ghee for a few days, go ahead and try butter.


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