I love understanding how our body uses foods, but my favorite part of food is eating it!  The best part of moving to a whole-foods diet has been how delicious it tastes! It makes cooking easier because the simple ingredients stand on their own with little embellishment. We don’t have a huge need for fancy sauces or loads of condiments. The flavor of the food and the fats are what make them worth eating.

Today most food is grown to hold up well during transport and look pretty on display – not for the best flavor. In this TEDx Talk Mitchell Davis looks at how the taste of food effects behavior. He believes that if we just focus on eating foods that taste more delicious, we’re bound to eat healthier because more flavor indicates that the fruit or veggie was picked at the peak of its ripeness, and that is the most nutritious time to eat it. This idea can change our entire food system.

If we focus on buying foods that are delicious we’re going to demand higher quality food, and more nutrition will be a side effect.

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