Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping, combines ancient Chinese acupuncture points with modern psychology. Tapping utilizes the body’s energy meridian points by stimulating them with your fingertips while you talk through what’s bugging you, which calms you down.

Last week I gave an in-depth explanation of EFT Tapping, and today I’m going to share the EFT Tapping points I use, take the mystery out of how to Tap, and give you a sample script to get started with.

EFT Tapping Points – Basic Instructions

There are nine Tapping points that I use. The meridians run down both sides of your body, so you can tap on either side and get the same result. For most of the points you’ll use your index and middle finger to Tap. Remember that these acupuncture points are very small so hitting the general vicinity will easily be the right spot. For some points it may be more comfortable to use three or four fingers, and I’ll point that out as I guide you through each area below.

Karate Chop

The karate chop point is located on the outside part of the palm of your hand. We stay on this point while we say our setup statement, which we repeat three times in a row before moving on to the other points. You will use all four fingers for this point.






The eyebrow point is located at the inner point of your eyebrow.






Side of Eye

The side of eye point is located on the outside corner of either eye, on the bony part of your eye socket.






Under Eye

The under eye point is under the center of your eye, on the edge of your eye socket bone.






Under Nose

Under nose is just where you’d think – Tapping the bone just under your nose, above the center of your top lip.







The chin point is located just under your bottom lip, above where your chin protrudes. This area would be more accurately called under the mouth, but that’s too long of a name.






The collarbone point is located on the inner edge of your collarbone. Just an inch or two from the center, you’ll feel a slight indentation on your collarbone, and that’s the area that you should tap. It may feel more natural to use your three middle fingers to Tap here.





Under Arm

The under arm point is on the side of your cage, about three or four inches below your armpit. For women this area is approximately where your bra band hits. It may feel more natural to use your three middle fingers to Tap here.





Top of Head

The top of the head point is in the center of the top your head towards the front. It you’re Tapping that area with three or four fingers you’re hitting it.






Tapping through the Points

I’m sharing these general instructions for you to understand the flow of a Tapping meditation session. You can also reference these later when you’re ready to Tap on your own. Don’t worry about that now though, because below these instructions I’m going to give you a sample Tapping script for overcoming anxiety, that you can use right away.

  1. Name and rate your issue on a 0-10 scale, with 10 being unbearably difficult.
  2. Starting with the karate chop, say your set-up statement three times. It starts with “Even though…”
  3. Then move through the points saying whatever words come to mind, or following a script, telling your truth.
  4. Eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, chin, collarbone, under arm, top of head.
  5. Once you’ve calmed and can rate your issue as a 1 or 2, move on to the positive Tapping.
  6. Positive Tapping isn’t about a specific objective, it’s about opening up to new possibilities and creative thinking.

Tapping to Overcome Anxiety

What is your current anxiety level on a scale from 0-10? Whatever number pops into your head is fine, you’re only measuring for yourself.

Karate Chop point:

  • Even though I’m feeling all this anxiety right now, I love honor and accept myself.
  • Even though I’m feeling so much tension in my body and anxiety in my mind and I just don’t know how I could possibly overcome it, I choose to accept myself as I am in this moment.
  • Even though I have all this anxiety right now and it seems like there’s nothing that will help me, I’m open to the idea that I might be able to let it go.

Eyebrow: I am filled with anxiety right now.

Side of eye: I’ve got so much on my plate.

Under eye: There’s so much to worry about.

Under nose: It just never ends.

Chin: And I’m not just worked up for nothing.

Collarbone: These are really real things for me to worry about.

Under arm: I don’t know how I can figure this out, or feel any better.

Top of head: Feeling anxious like this is kind of my normal state.:

Eyebrow: But sometimes I get really, really tired of it.

Side of eye: I feel like I just can’t think straight.

Under eye: And I have all this tightness in my chest.

Nose: I feel like I can’t even really take a deep breath.

Chin: I just don’t see a way out of this situation.

Collarbone: I wake up anxious and I just feel like I spend my whole day worried.

Under arm: Is this just my personality? Is this just who I am?

Top of head: Maybe I can release a little bit of this anxiety.

Eyebrow: Maybe I can release a little bit of this tension from my jaw right now.

Side of eye: Maybe I can just take one deep breath.

Under eye: I’m open to the idea that I don’t always have to worry about every little thing.

Nose: I’m willing to let a little bit of this worry, and this need to control things, go.

Chin: I’m ready to move on.

Collarbone: I’m ready this moment called.

Under arm: I can’t control everything but I can control how I respond.

Top of head: And I am open to responding from a calm state of mind now.

Now take a deep breath – and exhale. Rate your anxiety level again on that scale of 1 to 10.

Sometimes it takes several rounds of Tapping on the negative, or truth, before you can get your number down to a 1, 2 or 3. However, once you’ve reached that level it’s a good moment to switch to the positive, open-to-possibilities Tapping script. When you’re in a calm state, creative ideas or solutions will come into your mind.

Your mindset and openness to healing are the absolute bedrock to your success in any food or lifestyle change.

You don’t have to believe in Tapping or mindset for it to work. You can think it’s a bunch of crap. Try it anyway.

Tapping extra credit for essential oils users

I typically use an essential oil along with my Tapping. I choose an oil that is related to what I’m working on. That may be something to calm me, like lavender, or it may be something to energize me, like orange. Or it may be a specific emotion or idea that I’m trying to attract, such as Abundance or Motivation.

I place one or two drops in the palm of my left hand and then gently rub my hands together to spread the oil out. Then hold my hands over my nose, making a little tent to inhale from. After about 30 seconds I begin my Tapping.

You can also just put a few drops of your chosen oil in a diffuser that’s in the room with you.


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