Getting your life back is rooted in your gut

What if you could unwind years of unresolved issues through a customized GAPS protocol on your own?

The fact that you’re here tells me that you likely already know that GAPS is the therapeutic protocol that will help you get your life back.


You’re ready:

  • To be free of gut pain, daily bloating, chronic constipation, diarrhea, and SIBO.
  • To repair your way out of histamine issues, instead of avoiding triggers the rest of your life.
  • For clear skin, so you can stop hiding your itching, and wear whatever you want.
  • For your child with autism  to communicate and connect with you.
  • To wake up without puffiness, joint pain, and brain fog.
  • To balance your blood sugar and hormones, and restore your memory.
  • To feel emotionally resilient and anxiety-free.
  • To put on healthy weight and muscle because you’re actually absorb the nutrients you eat.
  • To address the root-level connections between your autoimmunity, mold exposure, post-viral illness, UTI’s, allergies, connective tissue disorders, unbelievable fatigue, or mystery illnesses.


Instead of chasing symptoms, you understand that the body repairs itself one cell at a time, and that happens through eating nutrient-dense food and digesting them, and our microbiome plays a huge role in regulating this. The benefits unfold over the course of months, and sometimes years, as new cells are born and other are repaired.


Even with all this knowledge and motivation, you’re still having trouble starting, or sticking with, GAPS?

I’m enjoying your course content so far. I’m so glad I am doing this. I have taken another GAPS training and it was good, but yours is so detailed. You have such comprehensive information. I cannot thank you enough for all of your supporting materials


“Your handouts are so helpful, I reference them multiple times a day. Thank you!!!”Emily

The GAPS Diet from Start to Finish

A complete course uniquely designed for those who are sick of suffering and aren’t afraid of the cooking and lifestyle change that GAPS requires – because it means you’ll finally get your life back.

Stop spending hours and days researching GAPS trying to piece it together, this course will give you an orderly walkthrough of the Intro Stages and detoxification, with troubleshooting advice along the way, followed by what to do when you’re ready to graduate from the GAPS Diet.

While every GAPS journey is unique, you begin by building a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. Unique to this course, you’ll learn how to read your body’s signs and signals, in order to customize GAPS to address your concerns.

Step-by-step guidance and troubleshooting advice, while learning how to listen to your body is what makes the Body Wisdom Nutrition course so effective. You’ll stick with GAPS long enough to see your chronic issues melt away because you’ll understand the how-to, plus the how-to-alter-it when you’re dealing with complex situations like SIBO, histamine issues, mold exposure, psoriasis, and non-verbal kids. No more searching the internet for answers late into the night – they’re here.

Look inside and take the video tour:

I wanted to reach out with my care to let you know a job well done on your new course!!!!! It is meticulously created and keeps pace with unfolding the information right alongside the questions that are coming up for me.”Lynn

I love the variety of content forms: written, downloads, videos. I really like the specificity of the sections. I think it’s more digestible (ha) that way and gives clarity to each point rather than having to sort through a lot of information in one chapter.” 


Body Wisdom Q&A Club is a weekly ‘ask-me-anything’ zoom session open to my clients and course members.

This is where we talk about SIBO, histamime, eczema, mold, and any adjustments you might need to make, when you’ve mastered your GAPS foundation with the Start to Finish course modules. 

Bring your questions about foods, detox, supplements, products, next steps, prioritizing, or whatever is most pressing.

In addition, you’ll learn so much from what other people ask who are at different stages on their health journeys!

So many people describe this call as the glue that helps them stick to their healing path.

What happens when you click to enroll?

    • You’ll be directed to the course platform to review all the details, terms and conditions.
    • Enter your name, email address, and phone number.
    • Choose to pay in full, or select the payment plan.
    • Review and agree to the terms and conditions.
    • When you’ve completed the enrollment process you’ll be invited to join the BWN Weekly Q&A Club. Sorry – our system isn’t sophisticated enough to bundle them together. This gives you the option to pay in full, or set up the 6-month payment plan for it. 
    • If you don’t receive an enrollment confirmation email with a few minutes, please email support at bodywisdomnutrition dot com, to make sure we have the correct email address for you. 

You know GAPS works because you’ve seen the success stories



And you’ve already…

  • Gone from one doctor to another, but none can give you a clear answer on how to turn things around
  • Felt frustrated about managing your symptoms, while not getting to the root issues
  • Eliminated food after food, and yet you’re still on the hunt for relief
  • Ruminated over how to make a therapeutic diet work for your unique situation

    The GAPS Protocol: a therapeutic diet and lifestyle change

    The GAPS Diet is designed to heal and seal the gut lining, a fundamental step in restoring optimal gut function. By normalizing the gut flora, GAPS seeks to correct nutritional deficiencies while gently guiding your body through a detoxification process. Most people begin the GAPS Diet when mainstream medicine hasn’t been able to figure out why they’re ill or only offers symptom management, rather than true healing.

    The 6 stage GAPS Intro Diet – An elimination diet that begins with easy to digest homemade soups, cooked vegetables, and fermented foods. As you graduate to each new stage new foods and cooking methods are added in.

    Full GAPS Diet – A delicious whole foods, grain-free dietary plan that’s based on the foods that are most nourishing and healthy for the digestive system and beyond. It’s free of processed sugars, all artificial ingredients, and is mostly home-cooked.

    Supplements – Limited supplements that support digestive repair and provide commonly missing nutrients that are crucial to re-booting your immune system. These include probiotics, cod liver oil, EFA’s, and iodine paint. Optional digestive support supplements are used if indicated, including stomach acid and fat digestion support.

    Detoxification – Including clearing your home of toxic cleaning and body care products, taking baths with detoxifying bath additives, and drinking fresh pressed juices.

    Whether it’s best for you to begin with the GAPS Intro or the Full Diet depends on your health concerns, digestive function, and lifestyle.

    You’re healing a lifetime of sub-optimal nutrition and chemical exposures, and your body has to build loads of new cells, while processing out stored toxins. GAPS is most often followed for 18 months to 2 years. It takes time, but it’s an investment in your future health that pays off in much more freedom.

    One of the things I love about your GAPS course is that at the appropriate time when I’m in the middle of trying to find things, you link out to where to get it.”Carol H.

    “You have been an integral part to my understanding of the GAPS diet, and you are fun to learn from! You know SO much!… You are so good at what you do!”


    What’s inside the course?


    While The GAPS Diet from Start to Finish does contain videos and printable handouts, it’s mostly written content. This allows you to go at your own pace, be flexible in completing lessons, and easily find what you need to know – right when you need it.

    Click on each section below for more details.

    Preparing for GAPS
    • GAPS is a different paradigm
    • Food sourcing for the GAPS Diet
    • Understanding reactions to the GAPS Diet
    • Prepping for GAPS and the importance of support
    • How to keep a GAPS food journal
    • Stocking a GAPS Diet pantry and keeping up with the cooking
    • How to introduce new foods
    • How much of each thing should I be eating on GAPS?
    • GAPS Cookbooks and converting recipes
    Fermented & Cultured Foods How To's & Recipes
    • Sauerkraut juice recipe
    • How to make sauerkraut (video)
    • Beet kvass recipe (video)
    • Veggie medley recipe
    • Fermented garlic and brine
    • How to make yogurt and sour cream (video)
    • How to make kefir (dairy)
    • How to drip whey
    GAPS Stage 1 Foods and Recipes
    • GAPS Diet Stage 1 Foods and Activities
    • How to make meat stock (and correct common mistakes)
    • How to cut up a whole raw chicken and make stock (video)
    • Fish stock recipe (video)
    • GAPS basic soup recipe
    • 6 ways to eat organ meats
    • How to render lard and tallow (video)
    • Fat and honey recipe
    GAPS Stage 2 Foods and Recipes
    • GAPS Intro Diet Stage 2 Foods and Activities
    • Ghee: stovetop instructions (video)
    • Italian casserole recipe (video)
    • Swedish gravlax recipe (video)
    • White fish soup recipe
    • Russian custard recipe
    GAPS Stage 3 Foods and Recipes
    • GAPS Intro Diet Stage 3 Foods and Activities
    • Everything eggs (video)
    • Chicken liver pate (video)
    • Beef tongue cooking and recipe (video)
    • Bone marrow butter (video)
    • Nuts and seeds: cripsy, sprouted, or fermented for easy digestion (video)
    • Nut or seed butter recipe (video)
    • GAPS Stage 3 pancake recipes (video)
    GAPS Stage 4 Foods and Recipes
    • GAPS Intro Diet Stage 4 Foods and Activities
    • Juicing + GAPS smoothies and milkshakes (video)
    • GAPS muffins recipe (video)
    GAPS Stage 5 Foods and Recipes
    • GAPS Intro Diet Stage 5 Foods and Activities
    • Cooked vegetable salad recipe (video)
    • Chicken dumpling soup recipe (video)
    • Westlake beef soup recipe (video)
    • Roasted ratatouille recipe
    GAPS Stage 6 Foods and Recipes
    • GAPS Intro Diet Stage 6 Foods and Activities
    • Hollandaise sauce recipe (video)
    • Strawberry swirl ice cream recipe (video)
    Graduating to Full GAPS Foods and Recipes
    • Graduating to Full GAPS Foods
    • Naturally fermented salsa recipe
    • Soaking and fermenting lentils and beans
    Full GAPS Foods and Recipes
    • Full GAPS food list with Stages
    • Sandwich bread recipe (video)
    • Gelatin gummies recipe
    Coming off the GAPS Diet
    • Coming off the GAPS Diet
    Supplements for the GAPS Protocol
    • Supplements to begin on Stage 3 (or Extended Stage 2)
    • Probiotic supplements: how to choose the right one for you
    • Do you need more stomach acid?
    • Do you need fat digestion support?
    • Do you need supplemental enzymes?
    • Adrenal evaluation
    • Where to get nutrients through food and lifestyle practices
    Detoxification on the GAPS Protocol
    • Detoxing on the GAPS Protocol: An overview and key principles
    • Pure water is necessary
    • Daily detox baths
    • Castor oil packs
    • Iodine paint
    • Sunbathing
    • Lymph massage
    Stool Issues
    • Constipation strategies
    • Diarrhea strategies
    • Enema types and instructions for all ages
    Join the Body Wisdom Q&A Club
    • You’re invited to join the Body Wisdom weekly Q&A Club
    BONUS: Holidays, Celebrations, and Traveling on the GAPS Protocol
    • Food allergies and birthday parties (or other celebrations)
    • How to cheat on the GAPS diet (with less consequences)
    • GAPS sugar cookies and chocolates recipes (video)
    • Traveling on the GAPS diet
    BONUS: Symptom Management for Common Illnesses
    • Temporary pain relief options
    • Colds, flu, sinus infections, and sore throats
    • Eczema, dry skin, and other skin conditions
    • D-mannose for urinary tract health
    • Hemorrhoids and fissures

    In their words…


    Jennifer gave me peace of mind on the GAPS Diet by telling me how to get started so I could walk through the process and didn’t have to think about it.”


    “He ate!!! He ate!!…12 bites later (big bites!!) I think he’s finally full! I totally cried!Thank you for helping us see a miracle!


    I really appreciate the thoroughness and organization of the course, with the cooking videos. It’s been so helpful.”Kelly

    Still not sure if this is right for you?


    This is perfect for you if:

    • You’re new to GAPS and you want a comprehensive step-by-step guide to implementing GAPS on your own
    • You want to feel confident that you can implement GAPS without hesitation, doubt, or uncertainty about how to do it
    • You seek a true turnaournd and you want to address your illness beyond just symptom management
    • You’re ready to move past quick fixes and are committed to doing GAPS for your health

    This is not for you if:

    • You’re seeking a quick fix and can’t dedicate at least 6 months to fully embracing GAPS
    • You’re not open to making lifestyle changes in addition to dietary changes
    • You prefer strictly conventional medical approaches and follow allopathic authority

    Meet Jennifer Scribner

    Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & GAPS Diet Practitioner

    Trained by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride in 2011, I followed GAPS for the next year and a half. That naturally led to helping other GAPS’sters learn and follow the GAPS Diet to address autism, complex digestive and autoimmune conditions, and much more.

    I’m the author of From Mac & Cheese to Veggies, Please. How to get your kid to eat new foods, end picky eating forever, and stay sane in the process, the Navigating GAPS Daily Journal, and Where Can I Buy It? a gut-centered food sourcing guide.

    Have questions?


    How much does it cost?

    A one-time payment of $498, or 3 monthly payments of $166.

    The optional weekly BWN Wekly Q&A Club membership is $120 for 6 months, or 6 monthly payments of $20.  

    Can I take this class if I’m outside the United States?

    Absolutely! You can take this class anywhere you can connect to the internet.

    Is this going to walk me through the whole diet step-by-step?

    Everyone starts from a different place and moves at a different pace. You can begin any time and you will have step-by-step guidance on what to eat at each Stage. You will get a comprehensive overview of the basic cooking skills, supplements, detox, stool issues, and more. 

    Does the class include any phone calls or personal e-mail help with GAPS?

    No. You will be eligible to join the Body Wisdom Q&A Club – a weekly ‘ask-me-anything’ zoom session open to my clients and course members.

    Does the class talk about my specific health condition?

     No class can cover every nuance of GAPS for every health condition, but this provides a strong foundation upon which to customize, if needed. You will have a deep understanding of all the basics, plus how to use GAPS Journaling to better understand what your body needs and responds best to. If you find you need one-on-one support from a practitioner, it will be used for personalizing your GAPS protocol.

    What technology will I need to do this?

    E-mail and internet access to view the lessons on any device. We recommend a laptop or desktop for the best experience.

    How long will I have access to the materials?

    You’ll have access as for as long as we continue offering them, including any updates. We have absolutely no plans to end them, but can’t quite promise “forever.”  😉

    Can I get my money back if I don’t like the class?

    You can get your money back for any reason if you withdraw within the first week after registration. You will lose access to the website immediately.

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