Expert guidance through every step of GAPS

Start GAPS with confidence, walk through every Stage, customize it for yourself, and return to balanced eating at the finish.

If you’re suffering with a chronic illness or conventional medicine hasn’t worked for you, there’s something deeper we need to address


The GAPS Diet is designed to heal and seal the gut lining, a fundamental step in restoring optimal gut function.

By normalizing the gut flora, GAPS seeks to correct nutritional deficiencies while gently guiding your body through a detoxification process.

Most people begin the GAPS Diet when mainstream medicine hasn’t been able to figure out why they’re ill or only offers symptom management, rather than true healing.

    And you’ve struggled with…


    • Going from one doctor to another, but none can give you a clear answer of how to turn things around
    • Feeling frustrated about managing your symptoms, but not getting to the root issues
    • Eliminating food after food, and yet you’re still on the hunt for relief  
    • Not knowing how to make a therapeutic diet work for your unique situation


    The GAPS Diet from Start to Finish

    The comprehensive course designed to provide the foundation that’s needed to start GAPS with confidence and walk your through every stage – including coming off of GAPS.

      What is GAPS?

      GAPS stands for both Gut and Psychology Syndrome and Gut and Physiology Syndrome as coined by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride in her book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome. GAPS establishes the seemingly obvious (but often overlooked) connection between the function of your digestive system and the health of your brain and the rest of your body.

      The GAPS Diet might be right for you and your family if you’re experiencing any of the following:

      • Asthma
      • ADD/ADHD
      • Digestive Disorders including IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Chron’s Disease, chronic constipation, or SIBO
      • Autism
      • Learning or social problems
      • Chronic fatigue
      • Depression or anxiety
      • Food allergies, including gluten-sensitivity
      • Schizophrenia
      • Autoimmune disorders
      • Hormone imbalances
      • Eczema or acne
      • Neurological issues
      • Seizures

      The GAPS Diet is a therapeutic healing diet and lifestyle


      The 6 stage GAPS Intro Diet – An elimination diet that begins with easy to digest homemade soups, cooked vegetables, and fermented foods. As you graduate to each new stage new foods and cooking methods are added in. See the details of each Intro Stage here.

      Full GAPS Diet – A delicious whole foods, grain-free dietary plan that’s based on the foods that are most nourishing and healthy for the digestive system and beyond. It’s free of processed sugars, all artificial ingredients, and is mostly home-cooked. Find the Full GAPS Diet food list and sample menus here.

      Supplements – Limited supplements that support digestive repair and provide commonly missing nutrients that are crucial to re-booting your immune system. These include probiotics, cod liver oil, EFA’s, and iodine paint. Optional digestive support supplements are used if indicated, including stomach acid and fat digestion support.

      Detoxification – Including clearing your home of toxic cleaning and body care products, taking baths with detoxifying bath additives, and drinking fresh pressed juices.

      Whether it’s best for you to begin with the GAPS Intro or the Full Diet depends on your health concerns, digestive function, and lifestyle.

      You’re healing a lifetime of sub-optimal nutrition and chemical exposures, and your body has to build loads of new cells, while processing out stored toxins. GAPS is most often followed for 18 months to 2 years. It takes time, but it’s an investment in your future health that pays off in much more freedom.


      What’s inside…

      Preparing for GAPS
      • Food sourcing for the GAPS Diet
      • Understanding reactions to the GAPS Diet
      • Prepping for GAPS and the importance of support
      • Stocking a GAPS Diet pantry
      • How to introduce new foods
      • GAPS Cookbooks and converting recipes
      Fermented & Cultured Foods How To's & Recipes
      • Sauerkraut juice recipe
      • How to make sauerkraut
      • Veggie medley recipe
      • Beet kvass recipe
      • Fermented garlic and brine
      • How to make yogurt and sour cream
      • How to make kefir (dairy)
      • How to drip whey
      GAPS Stage 1 Foods and Recipes
      • GAPS Diet Stage 1 Foods and Activities
      • How to make meat stock
      • How to cut up a whole raw chicken and make stock
      • Fish stock recipe
      • GAPS basic soup recipe
      • 6 ways to eat organ meat
      • How to render lard and tallow
      • Fat and honey recipe
      GAPS Stage 2 Foods and Recipes
      • GAPS Intro Diet Stage 2 Foods and Activities
      • Ghee: stovetop instructions
      • Italian casserole recipe
      • Swedish gravlax recipe 
      • White fish soup recipe
      • Russian custard recipe
      GAPS Stage 3 Foods and Recipes
      • GAPS Intro Diet Stage 3 Foods and Activities
      • Everything eggs
      • Chicken liver pate
      • Beef tongue cooking and recipe
      • Nuts and seeds
      • Nut or seed butter recipe
      • GAPS Stage 3 pancake recipes
      GAPS Stage 4 Foods and Recipes
      • GAPS Intro Diet Stage 4 Foods and Activities
      • Juicing + GAPS smoothies and milkshakes
      • GAPS muffins recipe
      GAPS Stage 5 Foods and Recipes
      • GAPS Intro Diet Stage 5 Foods and Activities
      • Cooked vegetable salad recipe
      • Chicken dumpling soup recipe
      • Westlake beef soup recipe
      • Roasted ratatouille recipe 
      GAPS Stage 6 Foods and Recipes
      • GAPS Intro Diet Stage 6 Foods and Activities
      • Hollandaise sauce recipe
      • Strawberry swirl ice cream recipe 
      Supplements for the GAPS Protocol
      • Basic GAPS supplements including cod liver and fish oils
      • Probiotic supplements: how to choose the right one for you
      • Evaluations for stomach acid, fat digestion, and supplemental enzymes
      • Adrenal evaluation
      • Where to get every nutrient through food
      Detoxification on the GAPS Protocol
      • Pure water
      • Daily detox baths
      • Castor oil packs
      • Iodine paint
      • Sunbathing
      • Lymph massage
      Stool Issues
      • Constipation strategies
      • Diarrhea strategies
      • Enema types and instructions for all ages
      BONUS: Holidays & Traveling on the GAPS Protocol
      • Food allergies and birthday parties
      • Cheating on the GAPS diet
      • GAPS sugar cookies and chocolates recipes
      • Traveling on the GAPS diet
      BONUS: Symptom Management for Common Illnesses
      • Temporary pain relief options
      • Colds, flu, sinus infections, and sore throats
      • Eczema, dry skin, and other skin conditions
      • D-mannose for urinary tract health
      • Hemorrhoids and fissures

      In their words…


      I’m enjoying your course content so far. I’m so glad I am doing this. I have taken another GAPS training and it was good, but yours is so detailed. You have such comprehensive information. I cannot thank you enough for all of your supporting materialsCarol

      “You have been an integral part to my understanding of the GAPS diet, and you are fun to learn from! You know SO much!… You are so good at what you do!”


      Jennifer gave me peace of mind on the GAPS Diet by telling me how to get started so I could walk through the process and didn’t have to think about it.”


      “He ate!!! He ate!!…12 bites later (big bites!!) I think he’s finally full! I totally cried!Thank you for helping us see a miracle!


      I really appreciate the thoroughness and organization of the course, with the cooking videos. It’s been so helpful.”Kelly

      Still not sure if this is right for you?


      This is perfect for you if:

      • You’re new to GAPS and you want a comprehensive step-by-step guide to implementing GAPS on your own
      • You want to feel confident that you can implement GAPS without hesitation, doubt, or uncertainty about how to do it
      • You seek a true turnaournd and you want to address your illness beyond just symptom management
      • You’re ready to move past quick fixes and are committed to doing GAPS for your health

      This is not for you if:

      • You’re seeking a quick fix and can’t dedicate at least 6 months to fully embracing GAPS
      • You’re not open to making lifestyle changes in addition to dietary changes
      • You prefer strictly conventional medical approaches and follow allopathic authority
      Meet Jennifer

      Meet Jennifer

      Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

      I’ll teach you the crucial skill of how to effectively track your experience, spot the patterns, and recognize what works – so you’ll stop wasting time on what’s not worthwhile and double down on what moves the needle. 

      From there, you won’t bother keeping up with all the health dogma that’s out there, telling you how to live and how to eat. You’ll know what works for you and enjoy the freedom of not eating so perfectly all the time.

      As I worked with clients overcoming serious health issues, I realized there is more to the puzzle than dietary adjustments, especially for people experiencing difficult conditions that don’t seem to respond to food and lifestyle quickly. Once you change your food, your household products are often the next step, and can make a much bigger difference than most people realize.

      What we put on our bodies and what we breathe into our lungs can be absorbed into our cells just as readily as the food we eat, and can affect our health dramatically.

      By working with me, you’re bringing a truly multi-faceted expert onto your health team. 


      Have questions?


      How much does it cost?

      A one-time payment of $500, or 3 monthly payments of $167.

      Can I take this class if I’m outside the United States?

      Absolutely! You can take this class anywhere you can connect to the internet.

      Is this going to walk me through the whole diet step-by-step?

      Everyone starts from a different place and moves at a different pace. You can begin any time and you will have step-by-step guidance on what to eat at each Stage. You will get a comprehensive overview of the basic cooking skills, supplements, detox, stool issues, and more. 

      Does the class include any phone calls or personal e-mail help with GAPS?

      No. You will be eligible to join the Body Wisdom Q&A Club – a weekly ‘ask-me-anything’ zoom session open to my clients and course members.

      Does the class talk about my specific health condition?

       No class can cover every nuance of GAPS for every health condition, but this provides a strong foundation upon which to customize, if needed. You will have a deep understanding of all the basics, plus how to use GAPS Journaling to better understand what your body needs and responds best to. If you find you need one-on-one support from a practitioner, it will be used for personalizing your GAPS protocol.

      What technology will I need to do this?

      E-mail and internet access to view the lessons on any device.

      How long will I have access to the materials?

      You’ll have access as for as long as we continue offering them, including any updates. We have absolutely no plans to end them, but can’t quite promise “forever.”  😉

      Can I get my money back if I don’t like the class?

      You can get your money back for any reason if you withdraw within the first week after registration. You will lose access to the website immediately.

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