Take The Lifestyle Toxicity Assessment

Could your makeup be contributing to weight issues? Is it possible your laundry detergent could be at the root of your pms?

Conventional household cleaners help kill germs… which keeps you healthy, right? Nope! These mass produced chemicals could be weakening your immune system and leaving you more vulnerable to getting sick.

Toothpaste. Hairspray. Lip gloss. Moisturizer. They’re all seemingly harmless products with one thing in common: They could be hiding chemicals that are potentially harmful to you and your family.

Now, I’m not one to use fear-based tactics. BUT, I think it’s important you know just how harmful household products – including cosmetics, cleaners, and candles – can be on your and your family’s health over the long term.

I’ve created a quiz for you that will identify which area of your life – your mind, your body, or your home – is the highest priority for you in terms of toxicity. And we don’t stop there. Once you figure out which area you should focus on first, I will give you five quick steps you can take in under ten minutes to get you started.

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