PRINTABLE Navigating GAPS Daily Journal (PDF)


The printable Navigating GAPS Daily Journal is a 204 page PDF.

Memory alone is not reliable for clearly figuring out our reactions and patterns. This daily journal is your ally in finding what’s working best for you on the GAPS Protocol, along with your pattern of detox and healing reactions, so you’ll know you’re on track and making progress.

I designed the printable Navigating GAPS Daily Journal to be fast and comprehensive for you.

The journal has sections on:

  • Sleep
  • Healing foods and what you eat throughout the day
  • Lifestyle activities
  • Supplements
  • Bowel movements
  • Detox baths
  • Symptom and resilience ratings
  • Space for additional notes or a daily gratitude list
  • Menstrual and moon phase tracking, if they are applicable to your patterns

I shaped this journal to record the variety of foods and activities that I like to track for myself and review with my clients and it has made the detective work on GAPS so much simpler.

When you arrive at the Monthly Reflection page at the end of each month you’ll easily flip back and see what you ate and did each day, along with your symptoms, stools, and other patterns. You’ll find it simple to spot changes, note what’s working well and what’s not, and to track your progress. With this review you’ll understand where to go slow and what parts of GAPS you can integrate quicker.

NOTE: This is not a fillable pdf. You may reprint it as many times as you need for your own personal use.


10% of all sales are donated to the GAPS Science Foundation.

1 review for PRINTABLE Navigating GAPS Daily Journal (PDF)

  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    Disappointed. I thought that the journal would include more information regarding the items on the checklist – ie: how much baking soda goes into a baking soda bath, what the supplements target specifically, etc. There is a two page explanation on how to fill out the log, and if it were even a couple of pages longer, the Log would have been much more useful. The Log itself is nicely formatted, but $29USD is a lot of money for what the journal contains, plus the additional price of printing. I wouldn’t buy again.

    • Jennifer Scribner

      Thank you for your feedback, Michelle – this is really helpful. I’m currently creating a video training on how to journal and make the most of the process, and I’ll include some tidbits about amounts of bath additives and other GAPS targets in there. It will be a free training. The $29 price is partly because I want to keep my proceeds to the GAPS Science Foundation consistent with the printed version, and it’s infinitely printable without any shipping costs, no matter how many months or years you use it.

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