For several months I’ve been saying that I want to eat more organ meats, but then not actually doing it.

I like to try new things all the time, so New Year’s resolutions aren’t that big of deal to me. I do still tend to make a small one each year. Last year it was to learn how to poach eggs, which took me until October to do (thanks Heather!) and then I felt silly because it was really pretty basic and just took some practice. Like most things in the kitchen.

For 2012 I have another food-related resolution: to eat organ meat at least once a month. Even though I took an organ meat preparation class last year, I still haven’t made a regular habit out of using them. Now I’m resolving to do so. For the sake of a dense source of nutrition, and also a way to economize on healthy foods.

To start, we’ve talked to our local natural grocer and they said that if we purchase a beef heart from a pasture-raised steer they will grind it for us at no extra change. We plan to mix this with regular ground beef for burgers, and we won’t even notice a difference in taste.

I’m not pressuring myself to cook organ meat a different way every month, so we may just eat these hamburgers all year and call it a success. I like to keep my goals achievable!

I’ll definitely post about what we do incorporate and any recipes we come up with, so stay tuned.

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