Well it is official – I’m a Certified NTP!

In June I took the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification exam. The test included both a written portion and a timed demonstration of the full Functional Exam. At the beginning of the year it took me an hour to locate just the digestion points and I didn’t know how I’d ever learn the whole body. By test time I could perform the whole thing in 40 minutes! I was dedicated to my studies and I knew that I would pass, but it still feels great to get the official word.

Now my certificate has arrived and I’m focusing on building a private practice. I’ve got lots to learn about being in business, but looking back on how much knowledge I’ve gained in the past year about nutrition and physiology, I know I can learn this too.

So far I’ve registered my business, Body Wisdom Nutrition LLC, with the State of Oregon, I’ve gotten a Tax ID to file federal taxes, and I’ve also opened a business bank account. As for my next steps – I’m going to have a logo created by the end of August, work on building a website, and get a dedicated phone number for my business. I’m currently seeing clients out of a home office and over the next several months I will convert our garage into a private practice space. I’ll be sure to share more about that as things unfold!

In a week I’m heading to New York for a clinical internship at Inner Chi Wellness. There we’ll focus on business development, protocols, and client practice. I look forward to experiencing a Nutritional Therapy clinic on a full-time, day-to-day basis. I also look forward to getting inspiration and feedback from the other NTP’s there.

As soon as I get a handle on starting my business, I plan to do more blogging about conditions, physiology, and cooking, so stay tuned!

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3 Essential Oils That Will Revolutionize Your Digestion

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