To answer the question “Is bottled water worth it?” I recently watched the documentary Tapped on Netflix. It talks about a few different facets of the bottled water industry: that it’s largely unregulated, we’re not getting the quality we think we are, we’re overpaying, hormone-disrupting chemicals leach from the bottles into the water, and water that has served local communities is often sold without their knowledge.

I do take issue with their assertion that all tap water is safe. While it is required to be tested much more rigorously than bottled water, I know many people are not comfortable with the quality in their area. Others are afraid of what’s being added to it, like fluoride.

The recommendation I make to my clients is simple: filter your water at home and carry a glass or stainless steel water bottle with you at all times to avoid plastic chemical contamination.

The section of the film that really made an impact on me was the profile of a community in Texas where single-use plastic bottles are made. People in the area have suffered many health problems related to the air pollution from all the chemicals used in plastic manufacturing.

Which got me thinking about a product I just recently started buying: raw coconut water in plastic bottles. I was excited to see this come out because opening a coconut isn’t the easiest thing, and I like to make coconut water kefir (a probiotic drink). It’s funny because while I rarely ever buy bottled water because of the plastic waste it produces, it never occurred to me in the case of this coconut water. So, Tapped made me realize that coconut water comes in a naturally perfect and environmentally friendly package – its shell.

Now, time to face the reality of coconuts travel long distances and not being a local food…a subject for another day.

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