With Halloween coming up you may be planning to stop by the store to buy the gargantuan bag of mini candy bars. Before you go…

I’d like to suggest you head to a dollar store, party store, variety store, or Oriental Trading Company online instead. I love trick-or-treaters, but I’m aware that more kids today have food allergies, and I want to give out treats that don’t lead them down the road to diabetes and obesity.

Here’s a list of ideas for sugar-free Halloween candy alternatives:

When I first switched from candy to these sugar-free Halloween candy alternatives, I was concerned that it would be too costly. Then I realized that when I bought candy, I purchased about three times what I gave out because I found myself sneaking a piece so often. Now I see these alternatives as a health and money saver for myself too. If I have too many, they’re still good to give out next year.

In the basket pictured above, I have rubber duckies, bubbles, flying bat toys, and stickers – all Halloween or monster themed. I ordered these Halloween treats from Oriental Trading Company, but in past years I was pleased to find lots of other non-candy treats at Target.

I LOVE holidays and I want to give something cool to the kids, something besides candy. I know they’ll get more than enough of that elsewhere.

If you like this article, share it with a friend that would enjoy these ideas. Let’s make candy a smaller part of the haul kids bring home on Halloween!


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