With Halloween a week away you may be planning to stop by the store to buy the gargantuan bag of mini candy bars. Before you go…

I’d like to suggest you head to a dollar store, party store, variety store, or Oriental Trading Company online instead. If you love trick-or-treaters, but want to give them treats that don’t lead them down the road to diabetes quite so quickly, here is a list of Halloween candy alternatives:

When I first switched from candy to these other ideas, I was concerned that it would be too costly. Then I realized that when I bought candy, I purchased about three times what I gave out because I found myself sneaking a piece so often. Now I see these alternatives as a health and money saver for myself too.

In the basket pictured above, I have boxes of temporary tattoos, bubbles, and erasers – all Halloween themed. I was pleased to find these, plus a lot of other non-candy treats at Target. I LOVE holidays and I want to give something cool to the kids, something besides candy. I know they’ll get more than enough of that elsewhere.

If you like this article, share it with a friend that would enjoy these ideas. Let’s make candy part of the haul kids bring home on Halloween!

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