It’s common for “GAPS people” to suffer with frequent colds, sinus infections, sore or dry throats, and gum disease. If any of these seem ever-present in your life, it’s a sign that you’ve got an imbalance in the microbes that colonize these parts, and that you’re one of us “GAPS people” too.

The GAPS ™ Diet is designed to allow your body to heal itself of these pesky things once and for all by providing you with tons of healing nutrients and good bacteria. In the meantime Dr. Natasha has a few recommendations to help you deal with both acute and chronic nose, mouth, and throat problems.

Sinus Infections

  • Rinse daily with a salt water solution in a neti pot. Put the solution into one nostril and tilt your head back so it goes through the back of your nose and ends up in your mouth. Repeat on the other side. This isn’t as scary as it sounds and does not qualify as waterboarding.
  • Make a nasal spray with probiotic powder dissolved in filtered water. Spray this in to your nose two to three times a day to help the good bacteria overtake the bad stuff that has overgrown.

Sore Throat or Sore Gums

  • Rinse your mouth with a salt water solution after each meal, swishing it around for at least a minute.
  • Open a capsule of probiotic and empty the powder on the back of your tongue after each meal and before you go to bed.
  • Avoid commercial toothpaste, instead brushing your teeth with olive oil or a baking soda paste (add just  enough filtered water to make a dense paste). It’s best to alternate between these two “toothpastes.”
  • When you have a sore throat, avoid all cold and raw foods including cold drinks, baked goods, and salads or fruit.
  • Eat homemade chicken soup with yogurt, kefir, or sour cream added to it. It’s best if these dairy products are homemade since they’ll have a higher level of good bacteria, but a good quality organic kind will work if that’s all you have access to.
  • Hot chamomile tea with raw honey will help soothe your sore throat between meals.

Eggs & Onion – An Immune Boosting Super-Recipe

This recipe is very soothing and healing to your throat. The fat and the egg yolks will dissolve damaged tissue and help to remove them. The combination of eggs, fat, and cooked onion provides food to your entire immune system. This should be eaten twice a day when your throat is sore.

  1. Slice a large white onion in to a sauce pan.
  2. Add 3-4 tablespoons of butter, ghee, lard, duck, or other animal fat.
  3. Cook it with a lid on it over very low heat for about 20 minutes, until the onion is very soft.
  4. In a skillet, fry two or three eggs in plenty of animal fat. Allow the whites to cook all the way through, but leave the yolks runny.
  5. Serve the onions, eggs, and all the fat they were cooked in, mixed together in a bowl, adding a teaspoon of good quality extra virgin olive oil on top.

Whether you follow the GAPS™ Diet or not, these natural remedies can help you overcome sore throats and sinus infections by boosting your immune system. Please share these tips with anyone you know who suffers with sinus infections or a sore throat!

This information is gathered from training materials from Dr. Natasha, but is not designed to be medical advice. Please use it with care.

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