I’m not much of a recipe writer. I’m also not a chef, but I tend to wing it in the kitchen now that I have some much experience cooking. If cooking is a new skill for you, know that it just takes practice to make it much more intuitive and quick. I do often look to recipes for inspiration when I get in a rut. Here’s a few of my favorite resources for GAPS Diet recipes.

My Recipes – there’s just a few.

My Pinterest Boards – this is where I collect GAPS Diet recipes.

Honest Body – Beautiful recipes created by my GAPS Practitioner friend, Melanie.

Prepare & Nourish – Sort for only GAPS Diet recipes, or choose from things like “nut-free.”

Mark’s Daily Apple – this site is always good for inspiration. It’s Paleo, not GAPS, but there’s a lot of cross-over, so just double check the ingredients.


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