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GAPS Diet Category • Body Wisdom Nutrition

Can you use the GAPS Diet™ for SIBO?

Anne came to me after being on the GAPS Diet for 10 months with one burning question. "Can you use the GAPS Diet for SIBO?" On GAPS, Anne had seen improvements in sleeping through the night and waking up energized, and her hot flashes were nearly non-existent. She had...

Constipation Remedies for the GAPS Diet

Are you in desperate need of constipation remedies for the GAPS Diet™? Whether constipation is the reason you began the GAPS Diet or this is something new that you’re experiencing after beginning GAPS, I’ve got you covered! It’s common to feel a little slowed down or...

How (and why) to Do an Enema

It’s common for my bowels to get off schedule when I travel, but this was terrible. Five days without a bowel movement and I was so uncomfortable! I felt like I had to go, but when I sat on the toilet nothing would happen. I was on the third week of our trip in...

Welcome! I’m Jennifer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Essential Oils Advocate.

I like to share with my clients as I go, and I am not claiming to be some know-it-all guru.

I’m learning so much every day about health, wellbeing, and happiness, and this is where you will find the subjects I’m pondering and ideas I’m exploring.

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