My GAPS Diary chronicles what happened when our household began Stage 5 of the GAPS Intro Diet on Tuesday, Nov 8th. I had green leaf lettuce as my first raw veggie and it was refreshing change. I topped the lettuce with olive oil, baked salmon, and sauerkraut for a lunch meal.

A little after my Seattle trip I returned to daily juicing. With the carrot juice, I noticed that my bowel habits were more regular and with a shorter transit time. I was not constipated, but I definitely felt slowed down early in the Intro. Now that we’ve been using the juicer for a while, I’m ready to report on how much I actually like it. I don’t like to express an opinion after one or two uses, and this is something I can wholeheartedly endorse now. We got a Breville, model BJE510XL. It’s fast, easy to clean, and so well-sealed that we only clean it once a day. Our schedule is that Man gets up earliest and makes a cup of juice before work. I make one in between breakfast and lunch, and Housemate makes one when she gets up. I make another between lunch and dinner and sometimes Man and Housemate have another glass when they get home from work.We just dump the pulp in the compost bin at the end of the day. The juicer can go in the dishwasher, but we haven’t been doing that since it’s so easy to hand wash. The filter basket takes a couple minutes to brush, but everything else requires minimal soaping and a rinse. The spout where the juice comes out is the trickiest part to clean and it requires brushing with a bottle cap brush from time to time. Usually when we don’t clean it on schedule and it turns a little orange from carrot juice that has sat for too long and gotten caked on.

I had also fallen out of the habit of taking detoxing baths. Once I got all my energy back (and then some) I started making evening plans that didn’t allow me time for baths. I began dry brushing my skin before my morning shower though, so I hope the increased circulation from that offers some of the benefits. I also bought a water filter for our shower so we have less exposure to chlorine that way.

For the past year I had been brushing my teeth with just a baking soda paste with tea tree oil drops. Since GAPS doesn’t allow baking soda because it can dampen stomach acid, I wanted to switch to a tooth powder in case that made a difference in my digestion. I got Uncle Harry’s All Natural Tooth Powder and I’ve been very happy with it. A little goes a long way! Since it’s a powder it’s airplane-friendly too. The woman at the store said it wasn’t very minty, but compared to what I had been using, this is really flavorful.

I also have a new favorite kitchen gadget. I finally got myself a stainless steel mason jar funnel and it’s making me so happy! We store almost everything in wide-mouth jars now. No more greasy soup jars or sloppy sauerkraut!

We continued adding the new Stage 5 foods: soft raw veggies, including peeled cucumber, tomato, then carrot and onion, but Housemate and I were nervous about trying cooked apple. We were afraid it would be too sweet and trigger sugar cravings for us. Apples have been my most common craving on the diet and I haven’t had any fruit in a month now. That Sunday we decided to try the baked, mashed apple. It is excellent as a pancake topping! While the apple didn’t make me crave other sweet things, I did feel compelled to eat it until it was all gone.

We absolutely love the GAPS pancakes and have no desire to ever have one made with wheat again! I’ve been telling lots of non-GAPS friends about them lately, so I thought I’d give the recipe here. Our favorite is a mix of: 1 cup of almond butter, 1 cup of cooked and pureed spaghetti squash, 5 egg yolks, a tablespoon of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of nutmeg. We beat the 5 egg whites separately until they have stiff peaks, then fold them into the batter. These are pretty quick since we have a KitchenAid to beat the whites. They are best cooked in ghee on cast iron skillets, and they do take longer to cook than conventional pancakes. We’ve been making a double-batch on the weekends so we can just re-heat them during the week.

A few days into Stage 5 we tried our batch of beet kvass for the first time. Housemate had never drunk beet kvass before and she had about 1/4 cup with dinner. This turned out to be too much and she promptly ran to the bathroom with loose stools. Within a few minutes she was extremely tired and took an hour long nap. The next day she had the kvass again, but this time she cut it back to 1 teaspoon and felt fine. She’s been the most sensitive to new ferments, but beet kvass is powerful stuff and we’re going to keep it in regular rotation around here now. I consider it the red wine of GAPS, and I’d like to do a batch with golden beets to have “white wine” too.

We don’t have any desire to add fruit to our juices. We’ve been making varying combinations of carrot, lettuce, celery, ginger, mint, and beet. We like the savory flavors and prior to GAPS we were making daily smoothies with little or no fruit, so we’re skipping this part right now.

In Stage 6 we’ll get to add raw apple, and then other sweet baked goods. Not something that we’re missing much, so we may fly through that Stage and get on with Full GAPS.

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For more details about what GAPS encompasses and how it’s treated, please see Dr. Campbell-McBride’s GAPS website, or my GAPS Diet overview page.

If you’re getting started on GAPS and have lots of questions like this, join my upcoming online GAPS Diet Class and get them answered while you learn the cooking too!


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