A GAPS Diary updated…

We began Stage 2 of the GAPS Intro on Thursday, October 13th. We were REALLY excited about the new food choices. We could now add in: egg yolk, then soft boiled eggs, ghee, and another way to cook meat and veggies. We were especially happy about the Italian Casserole recipe because that meant that we could enjoy a new texture. Everything gets very soft in the soup, so having meat that we could actually spend time chewing, while sipping broth on the side of course, was a nice addition.

On Friday I woke up at 5:30AM feeling completely alert and very hungry. I usually wake up with an alarm at 7AM, so this was out of the ordinary. I weighed myself and I had lost 3 pounds in one day! I by no means think this was all fat because I’ve felt rather weak and haven’t been capable of much physical exertion. I also continued to have random cravings for things I don’t eat often – today’s was banana bread at breakfast. Housemate and Man were also tired all day and still feeling constipated. Man declared that the carrot juice they made in the Vitamix was too much work to strain, so I agreed to order a juicer.

On Saturday I noticed that I started breaking out on my chin, and on my eyelid of all places! I expected this to happen because my skin is where everything shows up for me. Even though I have a few pimples, they aren’t angry looking and my overall skin tone is really nice so I just covered them with a little make-up.

I was working at the NTP school all day while Housemate and Man worked in the kitchen. I stopped out at the farm on my way home and picked up raw milk to make yogurt and sour cream. Housemate made kimchi, and both salmon gravalax and fermented salmon from the GAPS book.  Housemate and Man made the Italian casserole recipe with pork shoulder. The different chewing texture of this meat was so satisfying, but I overate. I feel like my stomach has shrank. We all decided our energy was too low to socialize so we skipped a friends’ jack-o-lantern carving birthday party.

On Sunday my energy was still a roller coaster, but I’m generally feeling better and better. We all think that our mental state and attitudes have improved and we generally feel happier. We all tried the gravalx and loved it – like eating sushi! Gravalax will be a mainstay for us. I had enough energy to start the mother cultures of Matsoni and Pima yogurt. I didn’t know this before, but Cultures for Health recommends that you make a small amount of yogurt as a “mother” when you’re starting with raw milk since there may be too many other competing microbes in it. Even if they’re beneficial, they might overtake the ones we’re aiming for!

Monday was another tough day. Man suffered from nausea at work, then had diarrhea later. He couldn’t pinpoint why this happened, but he felt a lot better afterward since he had been constipated for awhile. Housemate suggested that we should all get out in the sun for a bit, and that helped us feel better, although a 10 minute walk still made me tired. I’ve been taking baths roughly every other night with a detoxifying clay or epsom salts. I rarely take time to relax in a bath, and at a minimum this has helped me de-stress. Housemate was still suffering with constipation and used an enema for the first time. The only details that she shared was that it wasn’t that big of a deal and that it did help her get rid of the bloated feeling.

Tuesday was where things started to turn around for us. I mowed the lawn, raked leaves, and trimmed some shrubs and was not exhausted! We were all eating four times a day to keep us going, generally two meals of soup and two meals of casserole. We’ve been making a different Italian Casserole every night and tonight’s was my favorite – lamb. I had been craving lamb for a few days so this really hit the spot. I’ve also learned that my new portion size is what fits on a small plate. The cooking is getting easier between eating smaller portions, having a couple meal varieties, and getting in the habit of  chopping so many veggies and throwing things together. So much of the transition to better food is just making new habits. I also realized while at the grocery store that none of the sweets appeal to me at all!

Wednesday was the first morning that I’ve gotten up, walked downstairs, and haven’t felt like my legs were weak. It was also the first day that I ate only three meals and felt totally satisfied. Housemate is loving soft boiled eggs. Man had a special lunch out at a Moroccan restaurant with his co-workers. He ate lamb kabobs, and cheated a bit with olives and preserved lemon. The dessert tray was really hard for him to resist, but he managed. He felt fine after that meal and says that he no longer feels like he’s in food coma, as he felt often in the past. His mind is really clear. We all realized we’ve been feeling really good the past two days and have decided to move to Stage 3 now.

Up next is the addition of avocado, sauerkraut, eggs scrambled in ghee, and pancakes made of nut butter, eggs, and squash. We’re also really excited to try the yogurt and sour cream, which are just setting up as I write!

Read on for our Stage 3 experience.

For more details about what GAPS encompasses and how it’s treated, please see Dr. Campbell-McBride’s GAPS website, or my GAPS Diet overview page.

If you’re getting started on GAPS and have lots of questions like this, join my upcoming online GAPS Diet Class and get them answered while you learn the cooking too!


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