Sometimes you get a little complacent after you get going on the GAPS Diet. Just getting in the habit of doing all the cooking is a lot to get used to, so you might not want to take on one more thing. If you can’t seem to get to the next level of healing on your own, I do offer premium coaching to help you personalize the GAPS Diet, but I’m giving you these tips for free. To keep healing and seeing results, don’t overlook these things on the GAPS Diet.

How to Choose a Restaurant When You’re on the GAPS Diet

What Type of Probiotics Should You Take on the GAPS Diet?

5 Common Mistakes on the GAPS Diet

There is No Such Thing as “Kid Food”

7 Ways to Save Money on the GAPS Diet™

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3 Essential Oils That Will Revolutionize Your Digestion

3 Essential Oils That Will Revolutionize Your Digestion

Everyday oils for a happy belly - stat! 

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