Joel Salatin is a regenerative farming evangelist. If you’ve ever heard him speak, it sticks with you for a long time. He spoke at the Nutritional Therapy Association conference last year and I considered ditching my beloved walkable neighborhood for the important work of farming. Of course, that wore off the next time I pulled weeds in our small yard and realized I’m way too soft for that level of manual labor!

Folks, this ain’t normal chronicles how much has changed in agriculture in the last 100+ years, and how far that’s brought us away from living in harmony with nature’s cycles. The most profound part to me was the discussion of grains prior to mechanization. Tilling the soil required animals pulling sharp instruments. Sowing seed by hand. Cutting, stacking, and threshing it yourself. Then finding a way to store the grain that kept rodents out. This gives me a new perspective on how precious grain was if people were working so hard for it. And also why it was never fed to animals – having them eat grass as they do naturally makes sense. I see why feeding grains to animals causes them so much digestive distress. The same goes for us now that grains make up 60% of what most people eat in a day. Neither us nor cows have been eating this much grain for very long.

Since I can’t possibly describe Joel Salatin, here’s a clip of him talking about Folks, this ain’t normal:

Salatin wrote this book offering advice and small steps that each of us can take to live more in harmony with agriculture, wherever we live. His humor and passion make it an easy read, and before you realize it, you’re thinking seriously about ways you can change and how to support farmers that are regenerating our lands!

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