Change Your Mind about Picky Eating

When you’re concerned about your picky eater, you’ve likely tried to change their eating habits already. Maybe you’ve bargained, distracted them when you passed by the cereal aisle while getting groceries, or said “never again” after a particularly embarrassing...

Essential oils do not treat or cure disease

The old adage, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ is just a cute saying until you’ve become chronically ill. Once you’re sick, you’re willing to try nearly anything to overcome your symptoms and be back to normal again. In that search you may have come...

Can you do Tapping wrong?

A common question I get as people get started with EFT Tapping is: can you do Tapping wrong? The short answer is no, but you might think you’re doing it wrong when you feel more agitated after you start, run out of things to say, or aren’t addressing the situation...

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