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Helping you navigate the GAPS Diet from start to finish.

Let’s be honest: following the GAPS Diet requires learning a whole new way of living.

Cooking like your great-grandparents, driving to a farm for fresh milk, managing picky palates, shopping for the easy-to-clean juicer, and staying on top of supplements. All while you’re supposed to be taking baths, sunbathing, and going to bed early?

There’s so much to figure out when you’re already exhausted trying to keep up with normal life demands.

As someone who’s invested in your (and your kids’) healing, I don’t want to add to that stress and pressure. I’m here to help you map a clear path forward. One where you can stop searching the internet late into the night, scribbling notes from hundreds of blog posts.

I’ll teach you the crucial skill of how to effectively track your GAPS experience, spot the patterns, and recognize what works – so you’ll stop wasting time on what’s not worthwhile and double down on what really moves the needle. Once you incorporate the basic skillsets, swap a few products, and manage your mindset, you’ll have most of GAPS on autopilot.

From there, you won’t bother keeping up with all the health dogma that’s out there, telling you how to live and how to eat. You’ll know what works for you and enjoy the freedom of not eating so perfectly all the time.


Not so long ago I was bulk buying mac and cheese and ramen noodles. My cooking skills were limited to boiling water and squeezy packets. And I thought that I had a naturally anxious and low-energy personality.

Twelve years later I’m cooking from scratch, going to bed early, cleaning naturally, and stashing mason jars in every cabinet. I’ve developed a sustainable lifestyle that keeps me energized, outgoing, and mentally clear.

Now I geek out on experimenting with new foods, lifestyle hacks, and products, and I keep track of how they impact me. It’s fun to share my results with my group of GAPS’sters and spark new a-ha’s in you as well.

I believe that if you really want to create a healthy lifestyle, you need to be comfortable being different and making choices that work for your body.

I learned this lesson for myself when I was in my 30’s and still battling embarrassing acne – that I thought would disappear as soon as I had graduated high school. I was so fed up with it. I had spent thousands of dollars on different products and specialists, and nothing resolved it for good. I had a strong feeling that I needed to change what was going on inside my body – so I made some big dietary changes, including starting to eat meat after being a vegetarian for 18 years, and buying organic food. Not only did my skin clear up, but I slept two hours less each night, and for the first time, I had all the energy I needed.

Flipping through Edible magazine, I saw an ad for a Nutritional Therapy Program, and decided to take the course for fun. At the time, I had a great job in finance and wasn’t looking for a career change. But as I kept learning about the benefits of real food, lowering my sugar intake, and experiencing revitalized health, I got this strong feeling:

This is who I am.

You can’t ignore that kind of message. After becoming a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in 2011, I became one of the first people in the United States certified to specialize in the GAPS Diet by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. Working with clients to turn around chronic issues like eczema, food allergies, SIBO, IBD, and autism taught me that although food is a huge part of the overall health picture, there’s more to consider.

About Jennifer Scribner, NTP CGP | Body Wisdom Nutrition

My Approach

I offer my clients a truly holistic approach, with a focus on three main factors to take you to the next level of healing:

Renewed body

Low-toxin home

Resilient mindset

As I worked with clients overcoming serious health issues, I realized there is more to the puzzle than dietary adjustments, especially for people experiencing difficult conditions that don’t seem to respond to food and lifestyle quickly. Once you change your food, your household products are often the next step, and can make a much bigger difference than most people realize.

What we put on our bodies and what we breathe into our lungs can be absorbed into our cells just as readily as the food we eat, and can affect our health dramatically.

Most of my clients don’t have the capacity to DIY all their home cleaning and body care products, so I’ve researched companies that value high quality ingredients as much as I do. I curate a growing list of products that are safer for people and the planet – from lightbulbs to bedding to feminine care and beyond.

In addition to helping you eat better and make the switch to non-toxic products, I also employ EFT tapping techniques, and support other personal resilience strategies.

The lifestyle that brought us our symptoms isn’t going to return us to robust health. As we examine all these areas and make small changes to our daily routines we recreate our entire life for the better.

By working with me, you’re bringing a truly multi-faceted expert onto your health team. This interconnected approach will help you finally get the results you want, including eating a bun-less burger at a burger joint with your friends now and then.

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