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I want to meet you where you are right now, and I’m not here to be judgmental of where that is.

Let’s be honest: there’s already enough judgment in the world.

We’re supposed to eat and feed our families organic food, make lots of money, go to all the sporting events and PTA meetings, somehow find time for a yoga and gym routine, and look good in fancy clothes while we do it.

As someone who’s invested in your (and your kids’) healing, I don’t want to add to that stress and pressure. One of the most crucial skills that I can teach you is to learn to trust yourself – even more than you trust me. Once you learn the basic skillsets of having a non-toxic home, body, and mindset, you’ll come to rely on your own intuition.

From there, you won’t have to bother keeping up with all the health dogma that’s out there right now, telling you how to live and how to eat. You’ll be too busy making real changes and living your life to the fullest.

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was eating mac and cheese and ramen noodles.

Now, even though I’m a few paces down the road to my own optimal health, I still identify with those things because that’s where I came from. I share with my clients as I go, and we walk through our challenges together.

I believe that if we really want to create a healthy lifestyle, we need to be comfortable being different, and making our own choices.

I learned this lesson for myself when I was in my 30’s and battling with really bad acne that I thought would disappear as soon as I was done high school. I was so fed up with it. I had spent thousands of dollars on different products and specialists, and nothing was helping. I had a strong feeling that I needed to change what was going on inside my body – so I made some big dietary changes, which included starting to eat meat after being a vegetarian for 18 years, as well as starting to eat more organic food.

Around this time, I saw an ad for a Nutritional Therapy Program, and decided to take the course for fun. At the time, I had a great job in finance, and wasn’t looking for a career change at all. But as I was learning about real food, lowering sugar, and experiencing the amazing impact that changing the way I ate had on my life, I got this strong feeling:

This is who I am.

You can’t ignore that kind of message. After becoming a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I became one of the first people in the United States certified to specialize in the GAPS Diet by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. Working with clients on healing chronic issues like eczema, food allergies, and autism taught me that although food is a huge part of the overall health picture, there’s more to consider.

Young Living Essential Oils & EFT Tapping

My Approach

I offer my clients a truly holistic approach, with a focus on three main factors to take you to the next level of healing:

A non-toxic body

A non-toxic home

A non-toxic mindset

As I worked with clients on healing serious health issues, I realized that there was so much more to the puzzle than dietary adjustments, especially in the cases of difficult conditions that don’t seem to respond to food and lifestyle changes as dramatically as expected. Once you change your food, your household products are often the next step, and can make a much bigger difference than most people realize.

What we put on our bodies and what we breathe into our lungs can be absorbed into our cells just as readily as the food we eat, and can affect our health dramatically.

These realizations started me on a quest to find brands which valued high quality ingredients as much as I did – products that I felt comfortable recommending to my clients. My ongoing search lead me to discover Young Living Essential Oil products. I sat down with their catalog, looked up all their ingredients, and found that their standards were just as high as mine had become.

I’d finally found a company that I could fully stand behind, and that had my and my client’s best interests at heart. I became a distributor for their products, and I now incorporate them into my recommendations as part of a full-spectrum healing regimen.

In addition to facilitating dietary changes and the proper use of non-toxic products, I also employ EFT tapping techniques, and strongly encourage personal growth strategies and mindset above all.

By working with me, you’re bringing a truly multi-faceted expert onto your healing team. It’s this interconnected approach which will help you finally get the results you want, and move on to living a happy life free of little worries and full of vibrant health.

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