I’ll admit it, because I’m a certified GAPS Practitioner, and it’s all I work with, I’m writing this article from a rather biased perspective – but my goal is to help more people be successful on the GAPS Diet.

I see a big difference between how successful my own clients are on GAPS vs. the people I come across who are following it on their own. When I work with people before they begin GAPS I help them prepare for the GAPS Diet, which then fast tracks the results they get. We have regular check-in’s during the first several weeks of the diet and I advise them on how things should be tweaked, what to do next, and answer all the questions they have. Incorporating GAPS in to their lifestyle still takes effort, but with an expert to consult, there’s much less anxiety. They don’t have to worry over every little thing and wonder if they’re doing it right.

It’s common for people to contact me for one-on-one consultations after they’ve been following the diet on their own for a while and are floundering. I enjoy the puzzle of figuring out what’s going wrong, so I can make suggestions to get them back on the right track. It takes a little more time, but they always start seeing benefits much sooner than if they’d continued to search by themselves.

Here are a few different situations where I think you should consider working with a GAPS Practitioner:

You keep putting it off and need accountability to get started.

Most often people begin the GAPS Diet six months to year after they first learn about it. I’ve certainly known people who’ve waited even longer because they’ve been so overwhelmed. Instead of taking action, they’re stuck.

When I work with clients I assess their readiness for GAPS, and then we come up with a plan together for what they need to do to get from where they’re at today to actually starting the diet. This might take a month, but during that time they’re working a plan rather than just thinking it over more.

Having to check in with someone about your goals helps keep you on task.

You might keep putting off learning how to make bone broth, but when you tell me you’re going to make bone broth this weekend and you have to talk with me on Tuesday, you know I’m going to hold you accountable. There’s no more excuses and you’ve got to take this seriously, particularly because you paid your hard-earned money to hire an expert.

You don’t have family support.

This is another situation where it’s really important to get some guidance and support. If your family thinks that you’re crazy, says that you’re torturing your kids by not allowing them to eat Goldfish crackers, or they’re always tempting you with your old favorites like pizza and chocolate chip cookies, you will struggle. You need someone on your team, and if you’re not getting support from your family, it’s worth paying for. In my practice I not only make recommendations about what to do on the GAPS Diet, I also provide support and encouragement and see myself as a bit of a coach. When you need somebody to give you direction, to get you fired up and excited, or to celebrate your first normal bowel movement in years, that’s another role a GAPS Practitioner can fill.

You’ve hit a plateau but it’s not your optimal health.

I often meet clients when they’re at their plateau. They’ve generally been following GAPS for 2-4 months and they’re not getting the results they expected. They may have felt a little bit better in the beginning, but now they’re stagnant, or worse, not feeling well. There are so many different variations and tweaks that can be made to the GAPS Diet to help each person succeed. A practitioner with experience working with many GAPS clients will be able to look at your unique situation and give you new ideas. Maybe there’s a test that you need, maybe you’re actually making a mistake on GAPS and don’t realize it, or maybe you need some type of supplemental support to get you to that next level.

A GAPS Practitioner is a little bit like hiring a personal trainer when you first sign up at a gym. You just need a little bit of specific guidance to help you get to know the equipment and exercises that you’ll need while you’re on the GAPS Diet. You’re Practitioner isn’t someone that you need to commit to for the entirety of the Diet, but it helps you set up for your best success. Much like a trainer, it’s my goal to get you to the point where you feel like ‘I’ve got this, I know what I’m doing on a day-to-day basis and I can put it on repeat, I’m getting results and my health is improving steadily.’

If you’re getting started on GAPS and have lots of questions like this, join my upcoming online GAPS Diet Class and get them answered while you learn the cooking too!

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