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I’m Jennifer Scribner

Author, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and Certified GAPS Practitioner since 2011.

Providing the information and inspiration you need to succeed on the GAPS path to healing your body, lifestyle, and mindset.

Where the GAPS Protocol meets the real world.


With step-by-step GAPS guidance you can stop scouring the internet for answers every night. I’ll show you how to experiment and interpret your body’s patterns so you can double down on what’s most important instead of endlessly striving for GAPS perfection.


When you figure out what works, GAPS becomes a lifestyle that you support while cultivating the other important things in your life.

GAPS Diet Intake Session

Whether you’re just beginning or have a complex case, we’ll work together to customize your plan of action.

Balance your hormones, settle your emotions, and clear your mind with the food you eat and the products you use. Click to find out more.

Switching to therapeutic, non-toxic products in your home can be your next best step towards radiant health. The bonus? You’re not sacrificing cleanliness or irritating a sensitive immune system.

The way you approach making changes to your lifestyle can be more important than the changes themselves. Find out how to make real change stick with EFT tapping.

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How to Cheat on the GAPS Diet

How to Cheat on the GAPS Diet

Cheating on the GAPS Diet is almost inevitable. While I’m not encouraging it, I acknowledge the reality of it and I’d like to offer you some advice on how to cheat on the GAPS Diet with less consequences. If you’re new to GAPS, I propose that you to stick with the...

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Do you need corn and soy-free eggs on GAPS?

Do you need corn and soy-free eggs on GAPS?

There is a surprising amount of variation in egg quality when you dig into the certifications, feeds, and practices used for laying hens. While most people choose organic eggs for the GAPS Diet, there are some people for whom that quality alone may not be enough. If...

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