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What’s stopping you from getting the health results you want when you feel like you’re doing everything right?

I’m Jennifer Scribner

Author, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and Certified GAPS Practitioner.

I specialize in teaching methods that you’ll actually stick with – to change your health, your family’s wellbeing…and your life.

True health isn’t just about food, exercise, or using non-toxic products in your home. It’s a lifestyle and a mindset. And every single one of us has a different path to healing.

I will help you and your family become the most healthy, vibrant humans you can possibly be. And I’ll show you how to do it long term, with specific tools to prevent overwhelm and frustration.

Let’s take that next step together, starting from where you are right now.

Non-Toxic Lifestyle Starter Session

Most people have no idea how drastically small daily actions can change their lives. If you’re ready to take the next step to improve your eating, get organized in the kitchen, or to create a less toxic home, let’s talk.

Balance your hormones, settle your emotions, and clear your mind with the food you eat and the products you use. Click to find out more.

Switching to therapeutic, non-toxic products in your home can be your next best step towards radiant health. The bonus? You’re not sacrificing cleanliness or irritating a sensitive immune system. Grab your non-toxic cleaning kit today!

The way you approach making changes to your lifestyle can be more important than the changes themselves. Find out how to make real change stick with EFT tapping.

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Low Histamine GAPS Diet

Low Histamine GAPS Diet

There’s a belief floating around the internet that you can’t do the GAPS Diet if you’re experiencing histamine intolerance or mast cell activation disorder (MCAD). The truth is that other nutritional plans address histamine by showing you how to avoid it in foods. The...

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The No-plant GAPS Diet for SIBO

The No-plant GAPS Diet for SIBO

The problem with most SIBO treatments is that they aim to starve out or kill an overgrowth without healing the gut and the enteric nervous system, which are crucial in overcoming SIBO long-term. To address this I’ve always recommended a Low-FODMAPS version of the GAPS...

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