Kauai Bodywork and Healthcare Practitioners

Looking for extra bodywork or other supportive health practitioners while on vacation in Kauai?

Here’s my list of recommendations:

Seth and Jenn super-blissed after a trip to Aunty Angeline's

Seth and Jenn super-blissed after a trip to Aunty Angeline’s

Aunty Angeline’s Lomi Lomi Massage: Lomi lomi massage is done by two bodyworkers. As they work different sides of your body together, your mind isn’t sure where to focus its attention – which ends up being uber-relaxing. Aunty Angeline’s is a spa experience. When you arrive you’re offered a sarong to wear and cool filtered water. You’re first brought to a steam room to sit for a few minutes. Then a practitioner meets you there and has you lay on a table in the middle of the steam room and gives you a full body salt-scrub. Afterwards you rinse in their beautiful outdoor shower. Then you’re ushered in for your lomi lomi massage. Afterwards you can sit in the steam room again or relax on their deck as long as you’d like This place is an absolute experience! Plan to spend at least 3 hours here. The only disclaimer I’ll make is that this is a co-ed spa and you will see people nude in the steam room and getting the salt scrubs. I’ve never felt any creepy vibe there, but you should only go here if you’re comfortable with nudity. You can wear a bathing suit, if you prefer.

Mermaid Hello Kitty gets acupuncture

Mermaid Hello Kitty gets acupuncture

Linda Lee Acupuncture:  You’ll see Linda for one community session, but if you’d like to schedule other one-on-one time, you won’t regret it. She’s amazing! The best acupuncturist I’ve been to anywhere!

Daniel Dinner Craniosacral Care: I haven’t been to see Daniel myself (yet), but I’ve heard from others that he’s absolutely magical! If the weather is warm and the ocean calm he offers AquaCranial, which is a session done while floating in the ocean. My friend, Brittney, said this was a profound experience. And she’s had a lot of bodywork and done some pretty hippie stuff in her life!

Anahata Spiritual Spa: This is in the home we stay in, so it can’t get more convenient! Taj Jure offers a variety of bodywork, sound healing, hypnotherapy, biofeedback, and Ajna Light Activation. Please check out her website for all the options. Taj has been a bodyworker and spiritual healer for a long time and has accumulated so much wisdom along the way. Her normal rate is $125 per hour, but for guests, she’s offered a special of $95 per hour. She also has a far infrared sauna that you can use for $30 an hour (normally $40).

Be aware that business in Kauai are several years behind the mainland when it comes to websites. With most practitioners, a phone call is the best way to get your questions answered or to make an appointment.