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What is a Healing Reaction? | Body Wisdom Nutrition

What is a Healing Reaction?

Sometimes on the GAPS Diet™ it’s hard to know what you’re reacting to or what your reaction means. There are food sensitivities, die-off reactions, detox reactions, and histamine reactions. And what is a healing reaction, or are you just sick? If you’ve ever had a sinus infection you understand the how-can-I-have-pain-so-deep-inside-my-face feeling that absolutely disrupts […]

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Why You're Always Hungry on the GAPS Diet | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Why You’re Always Hungry on the GAPS Diet™

When I talk to new clients they often remark that they can’t believe how much they’re eating on GAPS™, and they wonder if it’s normal and if they’re going to gain weight. They’re especially amazed when it’s their (formerly) picky kids who are ravenous. Here are four reasons why you’re always hungry on the GAPS […]

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