Sorrel: My New Favorite Leafy Green

I’ve been branching out on what I eat for the last year. Picking up new veggies I’ve never heard of at a Farmer’s Market, trying blog recipes with flavors that are new to me, and learning to prepare organ meats.

We make green smoothies in the morning, and like to vary the leafy greens we use, so I bought a bag full of sorrel with that in mind.

What I learned is that I was stumbling upon one of my new favorite foods! Sorrel has a very pleasant lemony taste, a teeny bit sour, but not bitter at all. It makes a great smoothie, and is also amazing in a salad mix! We’ve been using it for both breakfast and dinner this week.

When I surfed the web I found that there are many varieties of sorrel (of course!), they aren’t all lemon-flavored, and often have a more sour or bitter taste. Apparently the young tender leaves of early Spring are the most mild.

I checked up on the known nutrition in sorrel (even though I believe there’s more to eating a leafy green than just the nutrients that have already been discovered). I found that sorrel is a source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, and a little bit of iron too. Sorrel gets compared with spinach and is used as a substitution, and like spinach it contains oxalic acid, so if you’re prone to kidney stones caused by this, you’ll want to limit raw sorrel.

Am I the only one who is new to sorrel? Any favorite uses, or recipes to share?

I see a sorrel pesto in my future!

*** Please note that I am a student and not a medical provider. Nothing posted on this site should be considered medical advice. ***

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2 Responses to Sorrel: My New Favorite Leafy Green

  1. Jim estill May 2, 2011 at 4:53 PM #

    I like sorrel mostly because it is the first green vegetable from the garden (perhaps tied to other perenials like parsley and chives).

    It is a bit sour to use as a salad on its own but adding it to lettuce and spinach is an easy addition. I figure the variety is also good for me.

    I also use it generously in soups (including those that do not call for it). I simply put it through the blender and it “disappears” and adds to the health of the broth.

    It is so hardy in my garden it is almost weedlike. And it grows year after year (so I think it is perennial but it might jut be reseeding itself). And it rarely gets bugs.

    All in all – 2 thumbs up to sorrel.

    • jennutrition May 2, 2011 at 4:55 PM #

      As a beginner gardener, this sounds like just my type of green to grow!