GAPS Diet Class Praise

GAPS Diet Class Praise | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Praise for the GAPS Diet Class

I think my online GAPS Diet Class is fabulous, but don’t just take my word for it!


Here’s what some alumni have to say:

“The way you present new information is very relaxed, soothing almost, and makes it easier to stay focused…well worth my time to learn how to do it from someone who is practical, has common sense in the kitchen, and obviously has a passion to teach”

~ Lowell Gerber MD MS CGP


“I feel like IBS is curable now. There’s so much negative information out there but you were so positive about that it can get better if we eat properly so now I have hope. I know it IS possible to cure this. I got my money’s worth and more – it was so much more information than I thought I’d ever get.”

~ Nina A.


“I would not suggest going it alone. The class has helped me to not give up and commit myself to continue with the program even though I do not do it perfectly.”

~ ccronin


“I think your format works well. I loved seeing the recipes for making the broths etc on video. So much easier seeing the actual recipes made as opposed to reading the recipe, My Ghee turned out perfectly first time. And the handouts were handy (!) and informative. Your course has helped both of us make sense of all the information contained within the GAPS protocol and benefited both of us really. In fact we’ve set a date to start Stage 1 of GAPS and confident we can achieve this thanks to your course.”

~ K A Roberts Australia


“I loved watching you make all the recipes. It made it much easier for me to cook GAPS recipes. I found them really difficult to follow when reading them, so demos are the best for me. Also, I find your explanations clear and easy to understand…I just wish I had done it last year, when my daughter started it.
I also appreciated the fact that being so far away from the U.S. did not affect the quality of the experience, as I could always catch up on the classes and Q&As…It is really good value for money.” 

~ Anonymous


“I was a little hesitant because I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure if the class would be good. I would definitely recommend you and your class. I liked your demeanor in presenting the class. I believe you are very knowledgeable and honest. I got my money’s worth from taking the class. There was an abundance of valuable information, and the class demystified so much about the GAPS Intro Diet and GAPS diet.”

~ Maria Ceely


“I wanted to start the diet and wasn’t sure if the class would be helpful. It’s been incredibly helpful for me to be on the diet and have this forum as a support. The Q&As were most helpful to me while I was starting the diet. I have felt healthier and many of my symptoms have disappeared. I would definitely recommend this class! You’re very attentive and the class is easy to follow.”

~ Jenn

“It broke down the book and highlighted key items that I needed to focus on. Recipes and tips were a great help on my journey and helped me gain some confidence to start intro for my Kid. I would hands down recommend this class to anybody who is interested in gaps. Because you are very approachable, friendly and patient and awesome.”

~ PK


“Jennifer is a wealth of information when it comes to nutrition and GAPS related nutrition. She breaks the information down in a way that makes it easy to understand and also easy to implement in your life. I really appreciated all of the time she took to answer questions on the calls and via email. She is a patient and generous practitioner, willing to go the extra mile for her class participants or clients.”

~ Kristen L


“I appreciate that you share your knowledge about detox, products, etc. You went beyond the GAPS diet and help a lot of moms/kids, and people in general, by sharing what you know–thank you so much!”

~ Cate Read Hickman


“I think you’ve done a great job of over all and it seems you have an in depth knowledge for nutrition. I love that you continue to research and learn and therefore I would recommend you to some else looking to start GAPS.”

~ Sandi


“Yes! I think for an online class,this is a great interactive introduction to GAPS. If they are really interested in learning more about GAPS and ready to take the plunge, this class is a great place to start.”

~ Cece


“YES YES YES. I would definitely recommend you and the GAPS class. As I have mentioned several times before, I think you have done an EXCELLENT job with this class. Not only the way you set it up, with all the different features, but your availability, approachability, friendliness, genuine care and concern and wanting to help us. You treated us as people you truly care about, not as just a student or client who you are getting paid by. You have that personal touch. You make us feel like you truly do care about us as people. You are very thorough, detailed, explain wonderfully, want us to learn (love that!) the why’s behind things, etc. and you take the time and effort to explain it to us in a way we can understand. You seem to go above and beyond to find help us, find answers you aren’t sure about, help us in problem areas, etc. I like that you didn’t just pretend to know something if you weren’t sure. You were willing to admit you didn’t know an answer, but then often tried to find out additional information. You followed up with people if you said you’d make a note of it and try to find out. You did a great job Jenn!”

~ Christy