How Your Brain is Connected to Your Gut

The GAPS™ Diet establishes the connection between our digestive system, our brain, and the health of the rest of our body. GAPS is a whole program to heal your gut and brain together, and shifting the balance of our gut microbes is a big part of it.

I recently came across this video with a concise explanation of the connection between your gut and your brain by an adorable Caltech postdoctoral fellow in this Tedx Talk:


Some highlights from the video:

  • All the microbes in your gut weigh twice as much as your brain…and we think we’re all about brain power!
  • Now that our microbes are the source of so much study it’s been determined that they regulate our behavior related to anxiety, learning and memory, appetite and satiety, and mood and emotions.
  • The Vagus Nerve connects our intestines with our brain and this is how our bacteria have a direct impact on it.
  • 80% of our immune cells are located within our gut, and these are activated by beneficial microbes.
  • Your gut has endocrine, or hormone making, cells.
  • Some research on autism and the communication deficits.

The bottom line for me: Don’t wait for microbe-based therapy! 

You can use probiotic supplements or probiotic-containing foods like yogurt and sauerkraut to infuse your gut with great microbes each and every day.

Microbe power!

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