Non-Toxic Home Cleaning | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Non Toxic Home Cleaning

An area of emphasis on the GAPS Diet™ that is often overlooked is detoxifying your household cleaning products and switching to non toxic home cleaning. Most household cleaners from the store contain toxic ingredients, even when they have terms such as “natural” and “environmentally friendly” on their label. These terms are strictly for marketing since […]

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Be Your Child's Diet Detective

Being Your Child’s Diet Detective

When you start a special diet with your kids it can be a lot to manage. Every digestive healing diet out there has a set of instructions and particular foods, and you think to yourself, “If I just follow it to a “t” my kid will start healing and every day will get better and […]

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What type of probiotics should you take on the GAPS Diet? | Body Wisdom Nutrition

What type of probiotics should you take on the GAPS Diet?

In the wonderful world of GAPS™, we talk so much about probiotics – both in supplements and in fermented foods. One thing that people don’t realize is that there are hundreds of types of beneficial bacteria that live in the gut, and only a small percentage that we’ve actually learned how to put into capsules. […]

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There's no such thing as kid food | Body Wisdom Nutrition

There is no such thing as “kid food”

Adrienne came to me when she wanted to try getting her kids on the GAPS™ Intro Diet for the second time. She had attempted once before and now they were following what she called the Full GAPS Diet. When I had her explain to me in detail exactly what her three children were eating, she […]

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Why You're Always Hungry on the GAPS Diet | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Why You’re Always Hungry on the GAPS Diet™

When I talk to new clients they often remark that they can’t believe how much they’re eating on GAPS™, and they wonder if it’s normal and if they’re going to gain weight. They’re especially amazed when it’s their (formerly) picky kids who are ravenous. Here are four reasons why you’re always hungry on the GAPS […]

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5 Common Mistakes on the GAPS Diet | Body Wisdom Nutrition

5 Common Mistakes on the GAPS Diet™

As a GAPS Diet Practitioner, I’m completely passionate about seeing people succeed on the GAPS Diet™ and that’s why I want to share what I see as 5 common mistakes on the GAPS Diet. The first two mistakes are made before you even begin GAPS, so if you haven’t started the GAPS Diet yet, pay […]

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Are My Genes My Destiny? | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Are My Genes My Destiny?

I was curious about my genes, just like you might be. With the knowledge I have about nutrition and natural health, I wasn’t afraid of my genes, but I wondered…are my genes my destiny? Looking at my genetic report from was like reading a story about myself. It described so many things that I […]

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What Dad Needs to Know About the GAPS Diet | Body Wisdom Nutrition

What Dad Needs to Know About the GAPS Diet™

The GAPS Diet™ is usually mom’s idea. Mom has been in charge of the decisions in nine out of ten of my clients who’ve embarked on GAPS with their kids. So that’s why I call this article what dads needs to know about GAPS, but it’s really geared towards what other people need to know […]

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7 Ways to Save Money on the GAPS Diet | Body Wisdom Nutrition

7 Ways to Save Money on the GAPS Diet™

One of the hesitations that many families have before beginning the GAPS Diet™ is how to pay for it without their food budget getting completely out of control. If you’ve been buying organic, eating out, or preparing packaged foods, it won’t be too much more, or it may even be less. If you’ve been carefully […]

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Kelp Noodles in Broth on the GAPS Diet | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Kelp Noodles: GAPS Friendly Food at the Store

If you’ve been following the Full GAPS Diet™ for a while, I’ve got a question for you. How much seaweed are you eating? If you’re like most GAPS’sters, probably not as much as you intend to. If you’re not eating seaweeds (or much seafood) you’re missing out on all kinds of trace nutrients, including iodine. […]

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