Portland GAPS Diet Retreat FAQ’s

Got questions about the GAPS Diet Retreat in Portland, Oregon? Here’s answers to the most common ones.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: A Portland GAPS Diet Retreat costs $3,500 for one week and $6,000 for 2 weeks.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: I will accept a payment plan, as long as the full cost is paid in full by the time you arrive. Payment plans are created on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Do you accept payments from outside the USA?

A: Yes, I can send you a Paypal invoice.

Q: Can I get a refund of my payment plan if I change my mind?

A: Once we set your Retreat time I start making arrangements for food and close my schedule to other people. You may receive a partial refund on a payment plan based on the following fee schedule:

  • If you cancel 90 or more days prior to your retreat start date you can receive $3,000 of the total fee back.
  • 60-89 days prior to your retreat start date you can receive $2,500 of the total fee back.
  • 30-59 days prior to your retreat start date you can receive $750 of the total fee back.
  • Any cancellation within 30 days of the Retreat start date is not eligible for any refund.

Q: When do these happen?

A: You and I will choose a week that works for both of us. You will arrive on a Tuesday evening and depart on a Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Q: Can I bring my husband, child, or other family with me?

A: No. The Portland Retreat is designed to take you away from it all, so you can focus solely on yourself for a change.

Q: What if I have food allergies and can’t eat everything on the GAPS Intro Diet?

A: I’ll note your food allergies and sensitivities and design your meals with those in mind.

Q: How far in to the GAPS Intro Diet will I get in one week?

A: Typically, in to Stage 2. Your body will guide us.

Q: What will a typical day look like?

A: Each day will be designed around how you feel and the combination of activities will vary.

A general example:

  • You’ll sleep as late as you’d like, have breakfast, then we’ll walk around Laurelhurst Park.
  • Review a lesson about the GAPS Diet that’s pertinent to you, like constipation remedies or meals while traveling.
  • Eat lunch.
  • Make beet kvass together.
  • Have time to read or check in with your family.
  • Eat dinner.
  • Free time.
  • A detox bath before bed.

I have a lot to teach you, but I also want you to feel like you’re on vacation from doing too much all the time.

Q: What will I need to bring?

A: Casual and comfy clothes like pajamas, sweats, a bathrobe, and slippers. A journal or notebook and pen. Anything you’d like to read. A laptop or tablet if you’d like to be on the internet or watch movies. Any medications you’re currently taking.

Q: Is there a TV in the room?

A: There is no TV in the room (or our home). We do have high-speed internet if you’d like to watch things online.

Q: Is your home accessible?

A: No. My home is an old Victorian and you will have to go up steep stairs to get to your room.

Q: Will I still be able to talk to you about my progress after I go home?

A: We’ll have one 30 minute check-in about a week after you’ve returned home. If you’d like more ongoing help you can add on additional one-on-one package time.

Q: Who else will be in your home?

A: My husband, housemate, and the cutest cat in the world. 😉 They are all GAPS-friendly. The cat’s very shy, so you may not meet him.

Q: Will you be seeing other clients during this time?

A: A Portland GAPS Retreat is scheduled to begin on Tuesday evening after I am done with clients for the day, and will go through the following Monday evening. I may have a conference call for classes I teach on Thursday, but the rest of my schedule will be cleared of commitments. I will check-in on my e-mail a few times during the day.

Q: What if there’s an emergency?

A: In the event of an emergency you will be taken to the local hospital and I’ll be there with you. For lesser concerns, I will have a Dr. on call to answer questions and provide recommendations on whether medical treatment should be sought. I am not a medical Dr and cannot diagnosis, treat, or prescribe medications.

Q: Will I need a car?

A: If you’re flying to Portland there is public transportation that runs near my house and taxis cost around $30. Once here, we’ll visit places within walking distance or use my personal car.

Q: Will I be able to go out and do other things in Portland?

A: If you feel up to it, we can go to nearby parks or do some window shopping in my neighborhood. I can also help you arrange for massage, meditation, or yoga classes if you’d like more activity. In general, I’ll be hanging out with you most of the time and I encourage you to rest and relax.