GAPS™ Diet Kitchen Tools

These are the GAPS Diet kitchen tools I love and have in my kitchen! Some of my equipment is a little older so I’m showing the current models that are most similar. The nice thing about quality kitchen tools is that they last a long time!

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Water filter

Stock pot

Roasting pan


Immersion blender

Large wood cutting board


Quart size mason jars


Pint size mason jars


Jar funnel


Meat thermometer

Yogurt thermometer



Soup ladle




Quart-size measuring cup

Food processor

Dehydrator – use for yogurt

Yogurt maker

Slow cooker

Wide-mouth Thermos

Silicone scrapers

Fish turner

Rectangle turner

Measuring cups

Measuring spoons

Baking sheets


Traditional Medicinals tea

Soaked nut butter

Grass-fed gelatin

Cold water gelatin

Electric tea kettle


 Full Disclosure: These are affiliate links on Amazon and I do earn a small commission on anything you purchase from a link you click on here. Thank you for your support!