GAPS Diary: A GAPS-friendly Wedding

GAPS Diary: A GAPS-friendly Wedding | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Cutting our gluten-free cake

So Seth & I got married recently!

Even though we weren’t really sticking to the GAPS Diet at the time (see my post about Cheating & Falling Off GAPS), we still wanted to provide good options for Housemate and healthier food for everyone in attendance. Our wedding planning themes were casual, low-stress, and meaningful, and those extended to the food. We did not eat fancy things.

Our food was simple and we didn’t have a huge menu. The GAPS-friendly foods were:

  • Barbequed beef burgers including some ground heart meat (we had our local butcher department prepare these), with tomato, onion, and lettuce for wrapping them
  • Naturally fermented pickles and sauerkraut
  • Green salad with olive oil and apple cider or balsamic vinegar for dressing, and sunflower seeds instead of croutons
  • Deviled eggs made by my mom

Of course we had a plethora of non-GAPS foods including burger buns, organic condiments that had sugar in them, potato chips, and champagne. My family made potato salad and baked beans, which many people enjoyed, and I appreciate the love that was put in to the food for our day. We could have made a lot more stuff from scratch, like the condiments, and had it be GAPS-friendlier, but that would have violated our low-stress rule. We had enough to manage already.

My one wish was a GAPS wedding cake – which I would have paid anything for! Instead we had this beautiful gluten-free cake from New Cascadia Traditional bakery.

Gluten-free wedding cake

Plenty of sugar here of course, but it was made with quality real ingredients and natural food colorings!

I want to share this so people will know how easy it can be to provide GAPS-friendly options within a big group. In the end were satisfied with providing a few food options that even those on a restricted diet could enjoy, while not stressing ourselves over it.

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