Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Scribner, NTP, Certified GAPS™ Diet Practitioner

Jennifer Scribner, NTP, Certified GAPS™ Diet Practitioner

Certified GAPS™ Diet Practitioner

Welcome! My name is Jennifer Scribner and I’m a certified GAPS Diet practitioner and the founder of Body Wisdom Nutrition.

I’ve learned the secrets to feeling great by eating delicious food and I’d like to share them with you!

So what’s my personal story?

I’m not a Nutritional Therapist because I grew up perfectly healthy!

A few years ago I found myself completely fed up with my skin still breaking out all the time! I decided that this was the year that I was going to figure out how to have clear skin. I knew the answer wasn’t in an expensive bottle of cream or at the dermatologist’s office. There had to be something going on inside me that needed to change. I began researching diets for good skin and found that what they had in common was a focus on unprocessed foods and eating protein at every meal. From that research I decided to go on a 3-month “diet” where I cut out all processed foods, ate protein at every meal, and limited my drinking to 1 glass of wine a couple of times a week at most.

At first my skin got worse! I was really detoxing some junk from my body!

I stuck it out and within a couple of weeks my skin was healing much more quickly. But I was still breaking out with new pimples pretty much every day. I tried another experiment – I bought all organic food for 2 weeks. Much to my surprise, this made a HUGE difference! The next step for me was adding meat back in to my diet. I had been mostly vegetarian for 18 years. At that time I ate some fish and dairy products. Now that humanely raised meat was so easy to get, I was ready to try it. This was the point where I realized that I was in fact, not a low-energy person, which is how I had viewed myself my whole life. I also woke up naturally after 8 hours of sleep rather than 10. With these kinds of personal changes, I felt compelled to tell everyone I knew about how eating real, whole food can change your life!

Shortly after my 3-month trial “diet” I came across the whole-foods based Nutritional Therapy Association‘s training program and knew that I had found my calling! The rest is all what you’ll see here and what I offer in my practice every day!

If my story resonates with you and you’d like guidance toward achieving your health goals, consider working with me.

Here’s what I offer you as my client:

  • Counseling and support that always takes into account your unique bioindividuality
  • Nutritional recommendations based on your goals, needs, limits and abilities
  • Identification of imbalances in your body, followed up with customized plans to achieve your goals through whole foods and targeted supplements, if necessary
  • In-depth education and knowledge-sharing about topics that matter to you
  • Teaching you how to incorporate nutrient-dense foods into your daily diet in a way that is manageable for you

You will learn to reconnect with your body’s innate nutritional wisdom, and through that I’ll help you uncover the diet and lifestyle that suits your body!

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