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Non-Toxic Home Cleaning | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Non Toxic Home Cleaning

An area of emphasis on the GAPS Diet™ that is often overlooked is detoxifying your household cleaning products and switching to non toxic home cleaning. Most household cleaners from the store contain toxic ingredients, even when they have terms such as “natural” and “environmentally friendly” on their label. These terms are strictly for marketing since […]

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Kelp Noodles in Broth on the GAPS Diet | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Kelp Noodles: GAPS Friendly Food at the Store

If you’ve been following the Full GAPS Diet™ for a while, I’ve got a question for you. How much seaweed are you eating? If you’re like most GAPS’sters, probably not as much as you intend to. If you’re not eating seaweeds (or much seafood) you’re missing out on all kinds of trace nutrients, including iodine. […]

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The Best Source of Vitamin D | Body Wisdom Nutrition

The Best Source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient that’s crucial to your immune system, as well as bone strength, brain development, muscle function, healthy lungs, and cancer prevention. Recent public research has uncovered widespread deficiency in Americans in the past few years. When your regular medical doctor advises you to take Vitamin D supplements, you know it’s gone […]

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Halloween Candy Alternatives | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Halloween Candy Alternatives

With Halloween a week away you may be planning to stop by the store to buy the gargantuan bag of mini candy bars. Before you go… I’d like to suggest you head to a dollar store, party store, variety store, or Oriental Trading Company online instead. If you love trick-or-treaters, but want to give them […]

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