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Ghee mess all over the stove

How NOT to Make Ghee

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Last Wednesday at GAPS™ Group I demonstrated how to make ghee, (aka clarified butter). Since it takes about an hour I had two pots going on the stove. One to show how it begins, and another pot that I began early to show how to finish it. After […]

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Tapped movie

Is Bottled Water Worth It?

To answer the question “Is bottled water worth it?” I recently watched the documentary Tapped on Netflix. It talks about a few different facets of the bottled water industry: that it’s largely unregulated, we’re not getting the quality we think we are, we’re overpaying, hormone-disrupting chemicals leach from the bottles into the water, and water […]

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Real Food at Burning Man

How to Eat Real Food at Burning Man

For the uninitiated, Burning Man is a week-long festival in the Black Rock desert of Nevada. Check out their website for a more detailed explanation. I refused to cook at my first Burn. The whole idea sounded time-consuming and messy. So instead of substantial meals, I ate packaged foods and snacks like Tasty Bites, tuna […]

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Ample harvet thumbnail

Today I’d like to share an organization I learned about this spring through a Ted Talk. It’s called Ample Harvest and it’s a nonprofit that connects gardeners who have surplus produce to food pantries in their local area. I think this is such an important idea and I want to make sure that all your […]

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What is Real Food? | Body Wisdom Nutrition

What is Real Food?

If you’re wondering “What is Real Food?” here are some guidelines: Real Food is grown or raised with care and is eaten close to its natural state. If it doesn’t have a label or come in a package, it is highly-likely that it’s Real Food. Think about the beautiful, fresh food that you find at […]

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