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Jennifer Scribner’s Diary of the GAPS Intro Diet

Embracing the life we have

Embracing Infertility

Do you have kids? My clients always ask this when they come to my home office because we have whimsical décor and a collection of Hello Kitty beanie babies. “Nope, those are my things.” I smile. The truth is that I wanted to have children, but it didn’t happen. After a year of dating my […]

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Are My Genes My Destiny? | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Are My Genes My Destiny?

I was curious about my genes, just like you might be. With the knowledge I have about nutrition and natural health, I wasn’t afraid of my genes, but I wondered…are my genes my destiny? Looking at my genetic report from was like reading a story about myself. It described so many things that I […]

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GAPS Diary: A GAPS-friendly Wedding | Body Wisdom Nutrition

GAPS Diary: A GAPS-friendly Wedding

So Seth & I got married recently! Even though we weren’t really sticking to the GAPS Diet at the time (see my post about Cheating & Falling Off GAPS), we still wanted to provide good options for Housemate and healthier food for everyone in attendance. Our wedding planning themes were casual, low-stress, and meaningful, and […]

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Salmon salad with sauerkraut

GAPS Diary: Stage 5

My GAPS Diary chronicles what happened when our household began Stage 5 of the GAPS Intro Diet on Tuesday, Nov 8th. I had green leaf lettuce as my first raw veggie and it was refreshing change. I topped the lettuce with olive oil, baked salmon, and sauerkraut for a lunch meal. A little after my […]

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Homemade ghee

GAPS Diary: Stage 3

Today’s GAPS Diary update… We began the 3rd Stage of the GAPS Intro Diet last week. In this stage we get to add avocado, eggs scrambled in ghee, pancakes, and actual sauerkraut. Our yogurt and sour cream have finished culturing so we’ll add those in too. On Thursday Man had egg whites for the first […]

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GAPS Diary: Stage 2

A GAPS Diary updated… We began Stage 2 of the GAPS Intro on Thursday, October 13th. We were REALLY excited about the new food choices. We could now add in: egg yolk, then soft boiled eggs, ghee, and another way to cook meat and veggies. We were especially happy about the Italian Casserole recipe because […]

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