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Vomiting on the GAPS Diet | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Vomiting on the GAPS Diet

Vomiting on the GAPS Diet is a common occurrence during the first week. It’s usually due to one of two things – low blood sugar or an inability to digest the new fats, and I’ll give you remedy ideas for each. Of course, it can be a coincidence, so monitor your kid’s temperature to determine […]

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Diarrhea on the GAPS Diet | Body Wisdom Nutrition

Diarrhea on the GAPS Diet

Diarrhea on the GAPS™ Diet is more common than people expect. When you start the GAPS Intro Diet you might have a bout of diarrhea, even when it’s something you’ve never experienced before – especially if constipation is the norm for you. I don’t worry over an instance of diarrhea, or even a couple of […]

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Eating this will feel great!

Signs You’re Not Digesting Fats

Kelly’s a mom of four who had just started her whole family on the GAPS Diet. Her kids and husband were doing great, but she was struggling. She felt sick to her stomach a lot, described her digestion as “stagnant,” and didn’t have much of an appetite. When I reviewed her health history I saw […]

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The Best Source of Vitamin D | Body Wisdom Nutrition

The Best Source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient that’s crucial to your immune system, as well as bone strength, brain development, muscle function, healthy lungs, and cancer prevention. Recent public research has uncovered widespread deficiency in Americans in the past few years. When your regular medical doctor advises you to take Vitamin D supplements, you know it’s gone […]

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